Six New Species of Tinocallis Matsumura and A New Species of Sinotherioaphis Zhang,Gen.Nov.From China (Aphidoidea:Callaphididae)
ZHANG Guang-xue, ZHONG Tie-sen
1980, 1(4): 429-442.
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Primary Use of Iodine Labeled Neurotoxin-Acetylcholine Receptor Complex in Myasthenia Gravis Research
TU Lai-hui, ZHANG Ren-chin, QIAO Zhi-ming, YANG Jian
1980, 1(4): 443-451.
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Histochemical Studies on The Post-Cercarial Development of Schistosoma Japonicum
HE Yi-xun, YANG Hui-zhong
1980, 1(4): 453-463.
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Studies on Reproduction in Mole Rat (Myospalax Fontanierii Milne-Edwards)
ZHENG Sheng-wu
1980, 1(4): 465-477.
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Two New Species of Tabanus From Shanxi (Diptera:Tabanidae)
XU Rong-man, LIU Zeng-jia
1980, 1(4): 479-482.
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Description of A New Subspecies of Erythroculter From Yunnan,China
HE Ji-chang, LIU Zhen-hua
1980, 1(4): 483-485.
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The chromosomal Study on the Ascites Reticulum-Cell Sarcoma in Mouse
GUO Jian-min, LIU Rui-qing, ZHANG Yao-ping, DING Lin-hua
1980, 1(4): 487-499.
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Karyotypes and Evolution of Three species of Chinese Squirrels (Sciuridae Mammalia)
WANG Yin-xiang, LI Shu-shen, LI Chong-yun, WANG Rui-fang, LIU Guang-zuo
1980, 1(4): 501-521.
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Preliminary Studies on The Breeding Behavior of The Eastern Grey Wagtail
ZHANO Zhen-jie
1980, 1(4): 523-528.
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A Study of the Oocysis of Eimeria Occuring in the Domestic Rabbit of Kunming
CHEN Fu-chiang, TSO Yang-hsien
1980, 1(4): 529-536.
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Notes on A New Species of the Genus Stylotermes Holmgren From Sichuan,China Isoptera:Rhinotermitidae,Stylotermitinae
GAO Dao-rong, ZHU Ben-zhong
1980, 1(4): 537-539.
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On A New Species of Poecilobdella (Hirudinea:Hirudinidae) From Hubei Sheng,China
1980, 1(4): 541-546.
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A New Parasitic Copepod of the Genus Tracheliastes and in Comparison With Its Affinities
KUANG Pu-ren
1980, 1(4): 547-551.
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Bxamination of Endoparasites on Chinese Rhesus Monkeys (Macaca Mulatta)
CHIN Tian-sheng, ZHANG Ho-jun, HUANG Shou-jin, PAN Han-peng, LU Ming-yi, TANG Qi-quan
1980, 1(4): 553-558.
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A Simple Method For Prep Aring Linear Sucrose Density Gradient Used For Centrifugal Analysis
HSIA Pang-ying
1980, 1(4): 559-562.
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New Records of Chinese Mammals of Insectivora
WANG Yin-xiang, LI Zhi-xiang
1980, 1(4): 563-664.
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