A new micro-spreading Technique for Demonstrating synaptonemal Complexes in Mammalian spermatocytes
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Abstract PDF
The morphology of Cirral-base-associated fibers in Euplotes sp. and Their morphogenesis
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A new genus of Berberentomidae (Protura) From guizhou province with description of larval stages and Suggest ot erect a New genus Amazonentulus
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The spinal plexus of Tree shrew(Tupaia belangeri chinensis)
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Preliminary studies on former habitat of wild david's deer
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The application of cell synchronization to chromosome banding of fish and The tentative karyotype analysis of Ctenopharyngodon idellus
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Abstract PDF
The formulas for Determining group density and its analysis of female adult lac insect
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Four new species of the genus Synanthedon (Lepidoptera:sesiidae)
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Abstract PDF
Study on phosphomonoesterase,Rnase and dnase in spider (Lycosa singoriensis) Venom
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Abstract PDF
A comparative study of the cestodofauna of birds from Bal-Yang-Dien Lake and Tai-Hu Lake in China
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A preliminary study on the biology of wasps Vespavelutina auraria Smith and Vespatropica ducalis Smith (Hymenoptera:Vespidae)
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Brief history of modern ornithology in Yunnan (Summary)
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The karyotype of Carassius auratus From ER hai Lake
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