The Study on Daily Otolith Rings of Young Japanese Eel (Anguilla japonica)
LI Bo, XIE Yu-hao, LU Yi-xin
1992, 13(3): 201-207.
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The Studies on Measles Vaccine Inducing Chromosomal Aberration and Gene Mutation of Chinese Hamster Ovary Cells (CHO-K[1])
FAN Xiu-yuan, LIU Ai-hua, SHI Li-ming
1992, 13(3): 208-234.
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A Comparative Study on The Early Growth Stages of Cephalopods
DONG Zheng-zhi
1992, 13(3): 209-216.
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Ultrastructure of The Wax Gland in The Male Second Instar of The White-Wax Insect,Ericerus pela Chavannes
TAN Su-jin, ZHONG Yuan-hui
1992, 13(3): 217-222.
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The Ultrastructure of Eggshells of Chrysolophus pictus and Chrysolophus amherstiae
LU Tai-chun, GAN Ya-ling, HE Fen-qi, LIU Ru-sun, LU Chun-lei, WAN Jiang
1992, 13(3): 223-226.
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Six New Species of The Genus Goniogryllus (Orthoptera:Gryllidae)
WU Fu-zhen, WANG Yin
1992, 13(3): 227-233.
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Taxonomic Study on Subspecies of Dremomys lokriah (Sciuridae,Rodent) From Southwest China--Note With A New Subspecies
LI Jian-xiong, WANG Ying-xiang
1992, 13(3): 235-244.
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Three New Species of The Genus Hepialus From yunnan and Xizang,China (Lepidoptera:Hepialidae)
YANG Da-rong, LI Chao-da, SHEN Fa-rong
1992, 13(3): 245-250.
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A New Genus and Two New Species of Grasshoppers From Wuling Mountain,China (Orthoptera:Acrididae,Tetrigidae)
WANG Yun-zhen
1992, 13(3): 251-255.
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Study on Restriction Endonuclease Map of mtDNA of Three Species in Cyprinidae
CUI Jian-xun, YU Qi-xing, REN Xiu-hai
1992, 13(3): 256-262.
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The Chinese Known Species of The Genus Macrima and Description of One New Species (Coleoptera:Chrysomelidae,Galerucinae)
YANG Xing-ke
1992, 13(3): 257-261.
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Winter Food-Habits of Moose in Heihe
YU Xiao-chen, XIAO Qian-zhu, ZHANG Ming-hai
1992, 13(3): 263-270.
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The Study of B Chromosomes In Drosophila albomicans 2.The Reiation Between B Chromosomes and The Vitality of Kunming Population
LING Fa-yao, SHI Li-ming
1992, 13(3): 271-275.
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The Effect of Wastewater and Water Treated With The Sewage Land Disposal System on Frequency of Micronuclei of Tadpole Erythrocytes of Toad,Bufo andrewsi
HE Wei-shun, WANG Rui-fang
1992, 13(3): 275-279.
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The Karyotype in Vibrissaphora yaoshanensis
WU Chang-mou, CHEN Zhi-jian, TANG Zhen-jie
1992, 13(3): 280-288.
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Studies on The Developmental Stages of Testis,Spermatogenesis and Spermatoleosis in Leiocassis longirostris
ZHANG Yao-guang, LUO Quan-sheng, ZHONG Ming-chao
1992, 13(3): 281-287.
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Mitochondrial DNA Polymorphisms in animals:A Review
ZHANG Ya-ping, SHI Li-ming
1992, 13(3): 289-298.
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