Recurrence of sexual gland in relation of winter flocking in sparrow (Passer montanus saturatus Stejneger)
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Mutagenicity of 3 types of synthetic detergent in human and murine cells in vivo and in vitro
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Abstract PDF
The distributions of rare birds in Africa
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Abstract PDF
Study on mitotic chromosome of ghost moth
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Abstract PDF
Studies on chromosome aberration induced by 60Co Gamma ray in Eulaelaps shanghaiensis (Acari, Gamasina)
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Study on secretion of sex steroids of Rhesus monkey (Macaca mulatta) in menstrual cycles
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A preliminary study on the ecology and vertical distribution of pheasants in boaxing (moupin), Sichuan
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New species of corydalnae from Ynnan (Megaloptera: corydalinae)
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Studies on the modification of arginine, lysine and tryptophan residues in cecropin D from the Chinese oak silk moth, Antheraea pernyI
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Comparative studies on the electrophoregran of esterase isozyme and lactate dehydrogenase of Carassius aukatus gibelio bloch and Carassius sp.
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1988, 9(1): 69-78.
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The hippocampal formation and learning and memory of dark avoidance behavior in rats IV. effects of colchicine microinjected into various parts of hippocampal formation
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The morphologica structure of the swim bladder of Pangasius sutchi and its air-breathing
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1988, 9(1): 87-92.
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Study on max secretion capacity of the white wax insect (ericerus pela Chavannes) in China
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Cytoarchitecture of the cervical segments of spinal cord in lesser panda
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The effect of hemorrhagin I (Agkistrodon acutus) in capillaries peroxidase conjugated methods
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1988, 9(1): 99-101.
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