Group Size and Composition of Black-and-White Snub-nosed Monkey (Rhinopithecus bieti) Estimated by Faeces of Sleeping Sites at Baima Snow Mountain
CUI Liang-wei, ZHONG Tai, XIAO Lin, XIAO Wen , *
2006, 27(4): 337-343.
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Effects of Neonatal Tactile Stimulation and Maternal Separation on the Anxiety and the Emotional Memory in Adult Female Rats
ZHANG Ming, CAI Jing-xia , *
2006, 27(4): 344-350.
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Population Dynamics and Breeding Space Niche of Four Heron Species in Tanghai Wetlands
LI Ju-yong, LI Su-ping, SUN Yan-feng, WU Yue-feng , *, WU Ming-lu
2006, 27(4): 351-356.
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Effects of Group Size on Vigilance Behavior of Wintering Common Cranes Grus grus
YANG Yang, CHEN Wen-hua, JIANG Wang-gao, YANG Shi-jian , *, PENG Gui-hong, HUANG Ting-fa
2006, 27(4): 357-362.
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Morphological Phylogeny of the Water Snake Subfamily Homalopsinae (Serpent: Colubridae)
LU Shun-qing, PANG Jun-feng, YANG Da-tong , *
2006, 27(4): 363-366.
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Phylogenetic Relationship of the Firefly, Diaphanes pectinealis (Insecta, Coleoptera, Lampyridae) Based on DNA Sequence and Gene Structure of Luciferase
LI Xue-yan, YANG Shuang, LIANG Xing-cai , *
2006, 27(4): 367-374.
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cDNA Sequence Cloning and Tissue Expression of Uncoupling Protein 2 of Silver Carp (Hypophthalmichthys molitrix)
LIAO Wan-qin, LIANG Xu-fang *, WANG Lin, MA Xu, FANG Ling, LI Gui-sheng
2006, 27(4): 375-381.
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Cytoskeletal Changes of Vitrified Porcine Oocytes
WU Cai-hong, RUI Rong *, DAI Jian-jun, XIE Bing, JU Shi-qiang, LU Xiao
2006, 27(4): 382-388.
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Comparison of Habitat Utilization Between Sympatric Populations of Rana pleuraden and R. chaochiaoensis in the Kunming Area
ZHOU Wei * , LI Ming-hui, MAI Zi, LI Wei
2006, 27(4): 389-395.
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Group Patterns of Sympatric Przewalski's Gazelle and the Tibetan Gazelle During the Green Grass Period in Upper Buha River, Tianjun County,Qinghai Province
LI Zhong-qiu , , JIANG Zhi-gang , *
2006, 27(4): 396-402.
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Winter Bedding Site Selection by the Roe Deer (Capreolus capreolus) in Sanjiang National Nature Reserve, Heilongjiang Province, China
TENG Li-wei, LIU Zhen-sheng, ZHANG En-di, MA Jian-zhang , *
2006, 27(4): 403-410.
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Characteristics of Macrobenthic Fauna Communities in Three Successional Stages of the New Emergent Salt Marsh in an Estuary of the Yangtze River
YANG Ze-hua, TONG Chun-fu, LU Jian-jian *
2006, 27(4): 411-418.
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Summer Habitat Characteristics of the Chinese Crocodile Lizard (Shinisaurus crocodilurus) in the Luokeng Nature Reserve, Guangdong
NING Jia-jia, HUANG Cheng-ming , * , YU Hai, DAI Dong-liang, WU Zheng-jun, ZHONG Yi-ming
2006, 27(4): 419-426.
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Pheasant Diversity and Conservation in the Mt. Gaoligongshan Region
AI Huai-sen *
2006, 27(4): 427-432.
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The Influence of Density and a Partially Shadowed Layer on the Behaviour and Welfare of Broiler Breeders in Battery Cages During Laying
ZHAO Yang, ZHAO Ya-jun , *, LI Bao-ming , *, SHI Zheng-xiang
2006, 27(4): 433-440.
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Proceedings in Phylogeography and Genetic Ancestry of Tigers (Panthera tigris) in China and Across Their Range
LUO Shu-jin , *, Jae-heup Kim, Warren E. Johnson, Dale G. Miquelle, HUANG Shi-qiang, PAN Wen-shi, James L. D. Smith, Stephen J. O'Brien , *<
2006, 27(4): 441-448.
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