Origin and Genetic Diversity of Four Subspecies of Red Deer (Cervus elaphus)
LI Ming, WANG Xiao-ming, SHENG He-lin, H.Tamate, R.Masuda, J.Nagata et al.
1998, 19(3): 177-183.
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Genetic Relationships of Anopheles minimus Inferred From Random Amplified Polymorphic DNA Markers
CHEN Yong-jiu, WANG Xue-zhong, WANG Pi-yu, ZHANG Ya-ping
1998, 19(3): 184-189.
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Domperidone-Lhrh-A-Induced Ovulation of The Bagrid Catfish,Mystus macropterus and Leiocassis longirostris
WANG De-shou, LIN Hao-ran, PU De-yong, ZHANG Yao-guang, ZHANG Qi-zhong et al.
1998, 19(3): 191-196.
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Distributions and Variations of sGnRH in Discrete Brain Areas From Common Carp (Cyprinus carpio L.) of Different Ages and Gonadal Conditions
WANG Li, LIN Hao-ran
1998, 19(3): 197-202.
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The Existence of Apud Cells in Immune Organs of Vertebrates and Their Properties
FLI Pi-peng
1998, 19(3): 203-208.
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A Study on The Soil Fauna Characters and Relation With Birds in Chongqing Airport Grassland
YANG Xiao-dong, WEI Tian-hao, SHENG Cai-yu, TAO Tao, GAN Zheng-ping
1998, 19(3): 209-217.
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Study on Living Strategies of Coffee Stem Borers,Xylotrechus quardripes and Acalolepta cervinus
WEI Jia-ning, YU Xin-wen
1998, 19(3): 218-224.
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The Study on Diet of Temmink's Tragopan
SHI Hai-tao, ZHENG Guang-mei
1998, 19(3): 225-229.
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Studies on The Morphology of Lips and Associated Structures Among The Labeonine Fishes With A Prebuccal Cavity (Cyprinidae) in China
1998, 19(3): 230-236.
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A New Species of Rhinogobius From China (Perciformes:Gobioidae)
ZHONG Jun-sheng, Chyng-Shyan Tzeng
1998, 19(3): 237-241.
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Two New Species of The Ant Genus Polyrhachis Smith From Yunnan,China (Hymenoptera:Formicidae)
XU Zheng-hui
1998, 19(3): 242-246.
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Effects of Cysteamine on Milk Yield and Several Hormones Levels of Blood in Rats at Late Stage of Lactation
WANG Yan-ling, HAN Zheng-kan
1998, 19(3): 247-249.
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Intaking and Transmission of Injected CAT Gene by Housefly Eggs
LIU Yan, LIU Wei-quan, MENG Pei-yun, JIN Ning-yi, HAN Hui-min et al.
1998, 19(3): 250-253.
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Studies on The Male Stridulatory Apparatus of Three Species of The Genus Sinochlora
SHI Fu-ming, ZHENG Zhe-min
1998, 19(3): 254-256.
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