Morphological and Stereological Studies of The Langerhans Islet Cells in The Toad pancreas
AO Zhu-jun, WANG Qing-tang, BAO Han-fei
1992, 13(4): 299-304.
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Comparative Study of The Spinal Nervous Plexus on Three Species of The Genus Presbytis
YE Zhi-zhang, PAN Ru-liang, PENG Yan-zhang, WANG Hong, YU Fa-hong
1992, 13(4): 305-311.
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New Discovery of The Reproduction Building Soil Burrow Nest of Black-Naped Green Woodpeck
CHEN Yu-quan
1992, 13(4): 312-312.
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A Study of Phytocoris Fallen From Inner Mongolia,China (Hemiptera:Miridae)
Nonnaizab, Zorigtoo
1992, 13(4): 313-322.
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Three New Species of Formosatettix Tinkham From China (Orthoptera:Tetrigidae)
ZHENG Zhe-min
1992, 13(4): 323-327.
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The Behavior of Incomplets Brood Parasitism of Two Pochard Species
GAO Ji-hong, MA Jian-zhang, TAO Yu
1992, 13(4): 327-328.
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Two New Species of Genus Melanesthes Lacord.From Deserd of N.W.China (Coleoptera:Tenebrionidae)
REN Guo-dong
1992, 13(4): 329-332.
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The Characteristics of Insect Fauna In Northwestern Yunnan Province
YANG Da-rong
1992, 13(4): 333-341.
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Electrophoretic Analysis on Three Kinds of Serum Isoenzymes From Giant Panda
LIAO Dang-jing, GUAN Guo-jun, WANG Xiong-qing
1992, 13(4): 341-342.
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Studies on The Vertical Distribution of Vespoidea and Analeysis of The Fauna in Yunnan Province,China
DONG Da-zhi, WANG Yun-zhen
1992, 13(4): 343-352.
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Origin and Evolution of some Biological Characters of Anabarilius grahami As Referred To Geological Development of Fuxian Lake
YANG Jun-xing
1992, 13(4): 353-360.
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Influence of Dorsal Raphe Nucleus on Electrical Activity of the Cerebellar Purkinje Cell in The Cat
WANG Jian-jun, WU Jin-zi, ZHANG Min-yue, CHEN Jun, CHEN Wen-yan, YU Qi-xiang
1992, 13(4): 361-367.
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Immunofluorescent Localization of Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor During Development of Mouse Fetus
CHEN Yi-yu, ZHENG Yi-shou, SHI Wei-kang
1992, 13(4): 369-373.
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The Comparison Between Asexual Reproduction and Physiological Reorganization of Oxytricha platystoma
GU Fu-kang, ZHANG Zuo-ren
1992, 13(4): 375-380.
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Enzymatic Properties and Biological Activities of A Proteolytic Enzyme (Proteinase A) From The Venom of Agkistrodon Halys Pallas
ZHANG Dong-lei, WANG Qi-zheng, CHENG Jian-zhi
1992, 13(4): 381-385.
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The Pdaric Method For Constructing Molecular Evolutionary Trese From Sequences Data
LI Jing-yan
1992, 13(4): 387-396.
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