An Observation on the Characteristics of Luehdorfia chinensis Leech
TONG Xue-song, QIAN Zu-qi
1992, 13(1)
Abstract PDF
Differentiations of Two Species in The Family Ergasilidae Expressed by Ultrastructure
KUANG Pu-ren, LIU De-sheng
1992, 13(1): 1-3.
Abstract PDF
Two New Species of The Genus Megophrys,Pelobatidae (Amphibia:Anura) From China
FEI Liang YE Chang-yuan, HUANG Yong-zhao
1992, 13(1): 5-12.
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A New Species of The First Record Family,Mideopsidae,of Water Mites From China (Acari:Hydrachnellae:Arrenuroidea)
JIN Dao-chao
1992, 13(1): 13-16.
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A New Blind Loach of Triplophysa From Yunnan Stone Forest With Comments on Its Phylogenetic Reiationship
CHEN Yin-rui, YANG Jun-xing, XU Guo-cai
1992, 13(1): 17-23.
Abstract PDF
Some Psocids From Yunnan Province China (Psocoptera:Pachytroctidae,Pseudocaeciliidae,Peripsocidae)
LI Fa-sheng
1992, 13(1): 25-29.
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Cytological Studies of The Fertilization in Bufo bufo gargarizans
XIE Dong-xu
1992, 13(1): 30-30.
Abstract PDF
A New Subspecies of Spelaeornis troglodytoides
LI Gui-yuan, YANG Lan, YU Zhi-wei
1992, 13(1): 31-35.
Abstract PDF
A Field Study of Spring Migratory Population of Nordmann's Greenshank (Tringa guttifer) in Yancheng Nature Reserve
1992, 13(1): 36-58.
Abstract PDF
Validation and Analyses of The Simple method For Determining rm of aphids and Mites
KUANG Rong-ping, RICH Fleming
1992, 13(1): 37-46.
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The Influence of Environmental Temperatures on Body Temperatures of Phrynocephalus przewalskii and Eremias multiocellata and Their Selectionsof Environmental Temperatures
LI Ren-de, LIU Nai-fa
1992, 13(1): 47-52.
Abstract PDF
A Biologlcal Feature of Eulaelaps stabularis
ZHOU Wei-zu
1992, 13(1): 53-57.
Abstract PDF
Observations of the Breeding Ecology of Mongolian Skylark
GUO Ling
1992, 13(1): 59-65.
Abstract PDF
The Geographical Distribution of Himalayan Snow-Cock in China
HUANG Ren-xin, DU Chun-hua, SHAO Hong-guang, ZHANG Wei-hong
1992, 13(1): 66-72.
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An Assay of Nutritional Compositions in The Organism of Lady Amherst's Pheasant (Chrysolophus amherstiae)
LU Yuan, YANG Lan, WANG Da-rui, HAN Den-bao, YANG Xiao-jun
1992, 13(1): 67-71.
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The Analysis of Snake Venom Output and The Concerned Factor
XIONG Yu-liang, WANG Wan-yu, YANG Chang-jiu, YOU Fu-sheng
1992, 13(1): 73-76.
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Observations on New Cell line of Indian muntjac Transformed With Mnng
LIU Ai-hua, LIN Shi-ying, XIONG Xi-kun
1992, 13(1): 77-82.
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Gentical effect of Surfactants on Sce Formation of Mouse Bone Marrow Cells and Gene Mutation of Salmonella Typhimurium
HU Jia-xiang, LIN Shi-yin, LIU Ai-hua, ZHANG Han-yun
1992, 13(1): 83-88.
Abstract PDF
The Nucleoskeleton of Special Dinoflagellate,Oxyrrhis marina
WEN Jian-fan, LI Jing-yan
1992, 13(1): 89-94.
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