Detection of Water Pollution By Micronuclei and Other Nuclear Anomalies of Erythrocytes of Tadpoies (Buro bufo andrewsi)
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Abstract PDF
Antipredator Behavior of Chinese Salamanders (Salamandridae)
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Abstract PDF
Microscopic Structure of Ovary and Ovarian Activity of Different Seasons in Tree Shrew (Tupaia belangeri chinensis)
CAO Xiao-mei
1990, 11(1): 17-24.
Abstract PDF
Karyotype,C-Bands and NORs in Larus ridibundus
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Studies on Karyotype and G-Banded Chromosomes of Hypoaspis Lubrica
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1990, 11(1): 29-33.
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Scanning Electron Microscopic Observations on Scale Surface Structures of Cyprinus in Qilu Lake,Yunnan
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1990, 11(1): 35-39.
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The Willis Circle in Tupaia belangeri chinensis
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The Numerical Distribution of Storks and Cranes in Shandong province
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1990, 11(1): 46-46.
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A New Species of The Genus Muntiacus From Yunnan,China
MA Shi-lai, WANG Ying-xiang, SHI Li-ming
1990, 11(1): 47-53.
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Five New Species of The Genus Hypotermes (Isoptera:Termitidae) From Yunnan,China
ZHU Shi-mo, HUANG Fu-sheng, WANG Yun-zhen
1990, 11(1): 55-62.
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Eleven New Species of the Subfamily Tachydrominae From Yunnan (Diptera:Empididae)
YANG Ding YANG Chi-kun
1990, 11(1): 63-72.
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Analysis of Tooth and Body Size Relationship in Phinopithecus
PAN Ru-liang, PENG Yan-zhang, YE Zhi-zhang, WANG Hong
1990, 11(1): 73-82.
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Scanning Electron Microscopy of Antennal Sensilla of the Yulong Ghost Moths,Hepialus yulongensis Liang
LI Chao-da, YANG Da-rong, SHEN Fa-rong, YANG Yao-xong
1990, 11(1): 83-86.
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Purification and Some Properties of the Thrombinlike Enzymes From Trimeresurus Stejnegeri Venom
LIU Nian-kun, XIONG Yu-liang
1990, 11(1): 87-93.
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