Observations and Studies on the Embryonic Development of Gryllotalpa unispina Saussure
RONG Shou-bai, LIU Xing-chao
1984, 5(3): 211-218.
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Observations on Autogeny of Phlebotomus chinensis Newstead (Diptera:Phlebotomidae) in Laboratiory
XIONG Guang-hua, ZHAO Jia, GE Jian-jun, JIN Chang-fa
1984, 5(3): 219-225.
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A New Record of Subspecies Blue-Breasted in China
YANG Yan, BAN Lu-liang, WANG Shu-shen
1984, 5(3): 226-226.
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Inhibition of DNA Repair Ability of Human Esophageal Cancer Cell and CHO-K1 Cell by Hyperthermia
CHEN Que, ZHOU Qi-lin, JIA Xian-li ZHENG De-cun
1984, 5(3): 227-232.
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Two New Species of Tabanus oliviventris Group (Diptera:Tabanidae)
XU Rong-man
1984, 5(3): 233-336.
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The Study on the Vertical Distribution of the Summer Birds From the Wutai Mountain
FENG Jing-yi, LIU Huan-jin
1984, 5(3): 237-242.
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The Research of Localization of the Cerebral Structure of Macaca mulattai--The Localization of the Principle Sulcus on the Lateral Aspect of the Cerebral Hemisphere
YANG Wen-guang, LIU Jin-long, XIE Hui-ming, ZEN Ya-cai
1984, 5(3): 243-250.
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Two New Species of the Genus Enneastigma Stein (Diptera:Anthomyiidae)
FAN Zi-de, CHEN Zhi-zi
1984, 5(3): 251-254.
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A Stuby of Micronucleus Test by Human Skin Puncture
XUE Kai-xian, DING Bang-yu, CAI Yi-yun, SUN Yu-jie, ZHOU Ping, MA Cuo-jian, WANG Su
1984, 5(3): 255-260.
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Observation o the Embryonic and Larval Development of Macropodus opercularis (Linnaeus)
ZHENG Wen-biao
1984, 5(3): 261-268.
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The Observation of γ-RAY Induced DNA Single Strand Ereaks and Their Rejoining in Chinese Hamster Ovary Cells and Human Peripheral Lymphocytes
HU Bin, ZHUO Ai-di, HU Wei-xian, CHEN Yue-neg, XIA Shou-xuan
1984, 5(3): 269-274.
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Successful Introduction of Pela Insect,Ericerus pela chavannes,to South Subtropical Area,Jingdong,Yunnan Province
ZHANG Chang-hai
1984, 5(3): 275-282.
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Preliminary Studies on the Breeding Behaviour of the Chinese Blackbird
WU Zhi-kang, LI Zhu-mei
1984, 5(3): 283-288.
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Two New Species of Genera Indotermes and Sinotermes From Yunnan,China (Isoptera:Termitidae)
TSAI Pang-hwa, HUANG Fu-sheng, ZHU Shi-mo
1984, 5(3): 289-294.
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Stability of Monoclonal Antibodies Stored on Different Conditions
TANG En-hua, JIANG Yun-quan, WEN Yu-ling, LIN JIE-YAN, GUO Ren
1984, 5(3): 295-297.
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Five New Records of Genus Illeis Mulsant of Psylloborid Specius (Coleoptera:Coccinellidae) From Yunnan Province
1984, 5(3): 298-298.
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