Observations on the Morphology of Developing Stages of Ancylostoma duodenale and Necator americanus
JIANG Hua, QIANG Hui-qin
1984, 5(2): 109-115.
Abstract PDF
Louse (Haematomyzus elephantis) Infestation of Asian Elephant in Chongqing Zoo,China
1984, 5(2): 116-116.
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Two New Species of Trematodes of the Genus Paragono (Trematoda:Troglotrematidae)
ZHANG Run-sheng, QIU Zhao-zhi, LI Qin-kui
1984, 5(2): 117-120.
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Changes of DNA and RNA in the Whole Body and Several Organs of the Eri-Silkworm Attacus cynthia ricini During the Fifth Larval Instar
ZHANG Han-yun, HU Jun, YANG Lian-xi, YE Wen-juan, HUANG Sheng-min, HOU Lun-jun, ZHANG Li-mei
1984, 5(2): 121-128.
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Redescription of the Genus Petalolyma scott 1882,and Three New Species From China (Homoptera:Psyllidae)
LI Fa-sheng, YANG Chi-kun
1984, 5(2): 129-138.
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Possible Mechanisms Underlying Exprssion of MS[3] RNA in Mouse embryonal Carcinoma Cells
XU Yi-shneg, Philippe Brulet
1984, 5(2): 139-144.
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Description of Three New Species of Acridoidea (Orthoptera) From Yunnan
BI Dao-ying, XIA Kai-ling
1984, 5(2): 145-150.
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The Anatomy and Histology of the Female Reproductive Organs of Ailuropoda
FENG Wen-huo, YE Zi-yong, HO Guang-xin, CHANG An-jun
1984, 5(2): 151-157.
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Diagnostic Characters of the Second Instar Larva of Hypoderma lineatum (Devillers) From Human
QU Feng-yi
1984, 5(2): 158-158.
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A Preliminary Study on the Subspecies Differentiation of Elaphe carinata (Serpentiformes:Colubridae)
YANG Da-tong, SU Chen-ye
1984, 5(2): 159-163.
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Studies on the Cholinesterase From the Venom of Naja Naja Atra of Zhejiang Province Ⅳ.Isozyme
1984, 5(2): 164-164.
Abstract PDF
Notes on A New Species of the Genus Schizothorax From Sichuan,China
FU Tian-you, YE Miao-rong
1984, 5(2): 165-168.
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Immunoprotective Activity of Ribosomal Preparation From Poisonous Escherichia coli,the Pathogen of Piglet Dysentery
LI Jing-yan, CHEN Yun-he, ZHOU Xing-liang, ZHENG Zi-xiu
1984, 5(2): 169-174.
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In vivo Induction of Chromosomal Aberration in Liver,Bone-Marrow and Spermatogonial Cells in Mice by Benzene and Cyclophosphamide
HE Wei-shun, LIU Ai-hua, SHI Li-ming
1984, 5(2): 175-179.
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A New Breeding Place of Grus Japonensis in Liaoning Province
1984, 5(2): 180-180.
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The Successful Culture of A Fresh-Water Dinoflagellate
ZHOU Xing-liang, CHEN Yun-he, SONG Cheng-rong
1984, 5(2): 181-188.
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Evolution of Nuclear Apparatus and Ciliatures of Tachysoma pellionella During Asexual Reproducing Cycle
TCHANG Tso-run, PANG Yan-bin, GU Fu-kang
1984, 5(2): 189-198.
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Purification and Characterization of Acetylcholine Receptor From Narcine Maculata Electroplax
CHEN Li-jun, SHEN Guo-guang
1984, 5(2): 199-208.
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Study on the Reproduction of Przewalsky's Steppe Lemming (Lagurus przewalskii Buechner)
1984, 5(2): 209-210.
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