1983 Vol. 4, No. 4

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We examined the chromosomal basic protein from the Dinoflagellate Amphidinium carterae.The chromosomal basic protein of A.carterae and calf thymus histones as control were isolated by flur steps:Methanol-fixation,cell-homogenization,0.3N HCI-extraction and acetone-sedimentation.The qualitative examination of the isolated proteins was made in acid urea polyacrylamide gel electrophoretic system.As a result,the histones from calf thymus were separated into five bands:H1,H3,H2A,H2B and H4,and no other protein bands were observed.The extracted protein from A.carterae showed only one single band.Its electrophoretic mobility was similar to that of calf thymus histone H4.This result together with those of other authors on biochemical and cytochemical studies all indicates that the chromosomes of dinoflagellate contain chromosomal basic protein.The opinion that the lack of chromosomal basic proteins is an important character of dinoflagellate seems to be incorrect.
By means of DEAE-sephadex A-50 column chromatography,Trimeresurus mucrosquamqtus venom was separated into fourteen fractions.It contained proteolytic enzyme,5-nucleotidase,arginine esterase,etc.The enzymatic activities and biological activities of crude venom and each protein fraction were determined.The proteolytic enzyme was concentrated in the fractions 1,2,4,7,and 8.Among them the fraction 1 had the highest activity of proteolytic enzyme.Fraction 2 possessed phospholipase A activity,but not the others.Fraction 7-14 possessed arginine esterase activity.Fractions 10-14 possessed hemorrhagic principles and among them fraction 12 was the highest.Fractions 1,12-14 possessed lethal toxicity.Fractions 11-13 showed the effect of platelet aggregation.
This paper deals with the comparison of esterase isoenzymes of eight species of Bombyx mori.The gut,integument,fat,silk gland,blood were analysed by the technique of polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis and the subsequent dualwavelength scanning.All the esterase isoenzymes were identified on a same gel plate,thus a satisfactory reproducity of the results was achieved.
The ability to learn various types of visual or auditory discrimination was studied in macaque monkeys under WGTA or restrained chair.Marked individual difference was found in color discrimination learning in WGTA.One of the outstanding features was that the duration of fluctuation around chance level of correct response varied widely during early stage no matter whether the animals were in WGTA or in restrained chair.The same fluctuation was observed in bright-dark,object or pattern discrimination learning in WGTA.In WGTA,bright-dark,object discriminations were easier than color one,while pattern discrimination was more difficult than the latter.Under restrained condition,even more trials were needed for color discrimination learning than that in WGTA.However,pure tone discrimination in restrained chair was the most difficult task.These results might be useful in selecting proper animal model in psychopharmacological,psychophysiological,and neurophysiological research.
Fustis Lin,1932 is a synonym of Luciocyprinus Vaillant,1904,F.vivus Lin,1932 and Barbus normani Tchang,1935 are synonyms of L.langsoni Vaillant,1904.The holotype of L.langsoni is illustrated for the first time.