Some Taxonomic Problems of Campephagidae
ZHENG Bao-lai
1983, 4(3): 213-218.
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A Taxonomic Study on Chinese Birds of the Genus Pitta (Pittidae)
1983, 4(3): 219-226.
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The Origion of Fish Fauna and its Speciation in Chen Hai Lake,Yunnan,China
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1983, 4(3): 227-234.
Abstract PDF
Two New Species of Chinese Pandemis Hübner (Lepidoptera:Tortricidae)
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1983, 4(3): 235-237.
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A Record on the Nest and egg of six Species of Birds in Xishuangbannan of Yunnan
WANG Shu-shen, ZHENG Bao-lai, YANG Lan
1983, 4(3): 238-238.
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Infection and Maturation of Schistosoma japonicum in Inbred and Outbred Mice
HE Yi-xun, MAO Cai-sheng, CHANG Zheng-shan, YU Qi-fang, HU Ya-qing, ZHANG Yong-nian
1983, 4(3): 239-244.
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The Activation of Platelet Induced by the Venom of Trimeresurus Mucrosquamatus (From Hunan Province)
RUAN Chang-geng et al., GU Zhen-lun et al., WANG Wan-yu et al.
1983, 4(3): 245-254.
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Studies on the Cholinesterase From the Venom of Naja Naja Atra of Zhejiang Province Ⅲ.Some Hydrophobic Chromatographic Behaviour
SHE Wei-ming, QIU Xue-zhen, QU Xian-ming, CHENG Feng
1983, 4(3): 255-259.
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Birds of Naozhou Island
ZHENG Bao-lai, YANG Yan
1983, 4(3): 260-260.
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Studies on Lymphocyte Subpopulations in Primates Ⅱ.Nonspecific Esterase Activity of Peripheral Blood Lymphocytes of Macaques
SONG Bao-yun, BEN Kun-long, DAI Wei, ZHOU Ru-jia
1983, 4(3): 261-266.
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Biochemical,Hematological and Immunological Reference Values in the Laboratory-USE Rhesus Monkey (Macaca mulatta)
DING Zheng-liang, LIN Ji-qiang, HU Shu-zhen
1983, 4(3): 267-278.
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A Priliminary Study on the Histological Chemistry of the Ovary of tilapia nilotica During its Development
SUN Jian-min, WU Xi-zai
1983, 4(3): 279-285.
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Observation on the Plasma Cortisol (Hydrocortisone) of Normal Dogs by Radioimmunoassay Method
DU Feng-ming, JINAG Zhu-fu, FENG Zheng-kang
1983, 4(3): 287-290.
Abstract PDF
Blood Picture of the Tree Shrew (Tupaia Belanger)
ZOU Ru-jing, DAI Wei, BEN Kun-long, SONG Bao-yun
1983, 4(3): 291-294.
Abstract PDF
Cytoplasmic Distribution of A Mouse Embryonal Carcinoma Cell Specific RNA,MS3 RNA
XU Yi-sheng, PHILIPPE Brulet
1983, 4(3): 295-300.
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