1982 Vol. 3, No. 3

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This paper is the first information on the facial musculature of Snub-nosed monkey.The specimens grossly dissected during the investigation are as follows:R.roxellanae (1 subad.male) and R.bieti (1 female,1 juv.female).From the observation and the mention above we may briefly obtain following outcome.
By scanning electron microscopy,the epithelial buds bulging from the surface of the plicae were observed on the 13th day of incubation.At the same time the surface epithelium began to differentiate into follicle-associated epithelium (FAE) and interfollicular surface epithelium (ISE).Microvilli scattered evnly on the surface of the cells in these two kinds of epithelium,and those on the cells of ISE were more slender than those of FAE.The lymphoid follicles of the buras of Fabricius developed well in the newly hatched chicks,and there was a marked furrow between FAE and ISE.When the chicken was at the age of one month,the lymphoid follicles were fully developed and their cortex and medulla were clearly differentiated.The lymphoid follcles of the bursa of Fabricius of the two months chick began to involute and some of the follicles embedded in the mesenchymatous tissue.
The present paper is a report on the effect of Thio-TEPA on the oogenesis of the common housefly,Musca domestica vicina.Histo-pathological changes chiefly in the germarium,and only one egg chamber was formed in each ovariole.Follicular cells in the egg chamber were severely disranged and chromatin condensation could be frequently observed,followed by pycnotic changes in the nucleus and vacuolation of the cytqplasm.Similar changes occurred in nutritive cells,but to a lesser extent.The oocyte was least affected,the only pathological change was reduction of size and failure to develop beyond 6th stage.This was possibly due to lack of supply of nutritive substances from the follicular and nutritive cells.It seems therefore that cells in active mitotic division were most easily affected.The mode of action of Thio-TEPA in causing sterility in the female housefly was discussed in relation to these pathological changes.
Through observing the regenerative process on the fragments of excised Tachysoma pellionella,it is considered that the macronucleus of the animal plays an important role to its regeneration,and the morphogenesis of infraciliature in fragments is related to their corresponding.This is coincide with the results of many studies of other protozoologists.Further,it was observed that:(1)The old adoral zone of membranelles (AZM) exercises some inhibitory effects to the differentiation and shifting of cirri on new cirri promordia in the regenerating fragment.(2)These effects are weaker in the distal parts and stronger in the proximal parts.(3)These inhibitory effects disappear with the disintegration and absorption of the membranelles of old AZM,as well as the completion of regeneration and fenewing process of new AZM.
In the absence of a routine culture medium,the morphology and ACP activity of dog and monkey blood lymphocytes were proved to be normal cytochemically within 24 hour incubation.After in vitro irradiation the blood lymphocyte ACP activity of dog and monkey was determined.The doses used in calibration were 200,300,400 and 600 rads respectively.A regression equation was obtained from the correlation between the lymphocyte ACP "4" type and their radiation dosage.In addition,the applicability of ACP activity determination after in vitro irradiation to the biological dosimetry,to the evaluation of the efficacy of certain radioprotectors and the mechansim of ACP activity changes after in vitro irradiation were preliminarily discussed.
This article reports the method for preparing Trna and 5S RNA from amphioxus (Branchiostoma belcheri Gray).Whole tissues of frozen amphioxus were homogenized in buffer Ⅰ with a Waring blendor at 0 ℃ for 30s,then the lowmolecular-weight RNAs were extracted by the phenol method.By means of column chromatography of DEAE-celloluse,DEAE-Sephadex A-50 and Sephadex G-100,tRNAs and 5S RNAs were obtained separately.They were further purified by electrophoresis on polyacrylamide gel.The accepting activity of amphioxus tRNA was determined:glycine,6.3%,alanine,5.2% and tyrosine,21%-25%.