A Study on The Classification of The Botoid Fishes of China
CHEN Jing-xing
1980, 1(1): 3-26.
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On The Larvae of The Chinese Species of The Tribe Luciliini (Dipt.Calliphoridae)
GAN Yun-xing
1980, 1(1): 27-46.
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Die Abwechselung der basischen Kernproteine wahrend der Spermiohistogenese bei Amphibien
LI Dsing-yen
1980, 1(1): 47-64.
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Experimental studies on Cell Growth and cell Division in Amoeba discoides
XUE Kai-xian
1980, 1(1): 65-74.
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Comparative Studies on the Chromosomes of Five Species of Cattles of the Genus Bos in China
SHAN Xiang-nian, CHEN Yi-feng, LUO Li-hua, ZENG Yang-zhi
1980, 1(1): 75-81.
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Karyotype Analysis of The Mouse Ascites Hepatoma
LIU Rui-qing, GUO Jian-min, ZHANG Yao-ping, DIN Lin-hua
1980, 1(1): 82-90.
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A Comparative Study of The karyotypes of The four Species of The Genus Macaca
CHEN Yi-feng, LUO Li-hua, SHAN Xiang-nian, CAO Xiao-mei
1980, 1(1): 91-99.
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Identification of Physiological Activities in the Venom of Agkistrodon halys (From Snake Island) After Fractionation by Chromatography
CHEN Jian-zhi, GU Kang-fu, TU Guang-chou
1980, 1(1): 101-106.
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Identification of Physiological Effects and Enzymatic Activities in the Venom of Agkistrodon acutus (From fukien) After Fractionation by Chromatography
LIU Kwang-fen, CHIOU Shu-yu, LEE Bing, TU Guang-chou
1980, 1(1): 107-113.
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The Radioprotective Effect of Aminoazobenzene Hydrochloride on Mice Irradiated With Lethal Doses of γ-Rays
DING Bang-yu, ZHENG Zi-xin, SHI Xiu-fan, HE Ji-zi, GOU Shi-kang
1980, 1(1): 127-132.
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Toxicology of The Venom of Vipera russelli siamensis (From Fukien) and the Effects of Hep Arin on Its Toxicity
LIU Huang-fen
1980, 1(1): 133-134.
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Notes on Rodent Composition and Its Changes Both Along the Railway Line and on The Trains in Xinjiang--The Discovery of Rattus norvegicus in This Region
, , , ,
1980, 1(1): 135-138.
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A Fly and A Flea Both From Swallow Nest in Zhejiang
LIAN Ming-yang, MEN Yang-cui
1980, 1(1): 139-139.
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