ZOOLOGICAL RESEARCH Volume 35, Issue 2 18 March 2014 CONTENTS
2014, 35(2): 81-159.
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Sequencing and phylogenetic analysis of the Pyrgilauda ruficollis (Aves, Passeridae) complete mitochondrial genome
Yong-Gui MA, Yuan HUANG, Fu-Min LEI
2014, 35(2): 81-91. DOI: 10.11813/j.issn.0254-5853.2014.2.081
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mRNA expression and DNA methylation in three key genes involved in caste differentiation in female honeybees (Apis mellifera)
Xin-Liang SHAO, Shao-Yu HE, Xin-Ying ZHUANG, Ying FAN, Ya-Hui LI, Yong-Gang YAO
2014, 35(2): 92-98. DOI: 10.11813/j.issn.0254-5853.2014.2.092
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Cloning the Dmrt1 and DmrtA2 genes of ayu (Plecoglossus altivelis) and mapping their expression in adult, larval, and embryonic stages
Jin-Hua WANG, Liang MIAO, Ming-Yun LI, Xiao-Fei GUO, Na PAN, Ying-Ying CHEN, Liang ZHAO
2014, 35(2): 99-107. DOI: 10.11813/j.issn.0254-5853.2014.2.099
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Microsatellite analysis of variation among wild, domesticated, and genetically improved populations of blunt snout bream (Megalobrama amblycephala)
Shou-Jie TANG, Si-Fa LI, Wan-Qi CAI, Yan ZHAO
2014, 35(2): 108-117. DOI: 10.11813/j.issn.0254-5853.2014.2.108
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Effects of cold narcosis on memory acquisition, consolidation and retrieval in honeybees (Apis mellifera)
Yan-Mei CHEN, Yu FU, Jing HE, Jian-Hong WANG
2014, 35(2): 118-123. DOI: 10.11813/j.issn.0254-5853.2014.2.118
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Effects of hydroperiod duration on developmental plasticity in tiger frog (Hoplobatrachus chinensis) tadpoles
Xiao-Li FAN, Zhi-Hua LIN, Jie WEI
2014, 35(2): 124-131. DOI: 10.11813/j.issn.0254-5853.2014.2.124
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Factors determining the average body size of geographically separated Arctodiaptomus salinus (Daday, 1885) populations
Elena V. Anufriieva, Nickolai V. Shadrin
2014, 35(2): 132-141. DOI: 10.11813/j.issn.0254-5853.2014.2.132
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Taxonomical notes on selected freshwater fish species described from northern and central Vietnam (Cypriniformes:Balitoridae, Cobitidae, Cyprinidae, Nemacheilidae; Perciformes:Channidae, Osphronemidae; Synbranchiformes:Mastacembelidae)
Marco Endruweit
2014, 35(2): 142-159. DOI: 10.11813/j.issn.0254-5853.2014.2.142
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