Diversity of Ground-Dwelling Beetles (Coleoptera) in Larch Plantation with Different Stages of Reforestation in Wolong Natural Reserve, Southwestern China
YU Xiao-dong LUO Tian-hong YANG Jian ZHOU Hong-zhang , *
2006, 27(1): 1-11.
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Acoustic Characters of Chinese White-bellied Rat's Voice in Different Individual Encountering Settings in Captive
JIANG Shi-ren, * DING Ping
2006, 27(1): 12-17.
Abstract PDF
Ecological Characteristics of Tibetan Fox Dens in Shiqu County Sichuan Province, China
WANG Zheng-huan WANG Xiao-ming , *
2006, 27(1): 18-22.
Abstract PDF
Changes of Soil Fauna During Forest Restoration in Subtropical China
XU Guo-liang ZHOU Guo-yi , * MO Jiang-ming
2006, 27(1): 23-28.
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Population Dynamics of Dremomys pernyi and Callosciurus erythraeus in the Protective and Non-protective Pine Forests at Different Ages
MEN Xing-yuan GUO Xian-guo , * DONG Wen-ge QIAN Ti-jun
2006, 27(1): 29-33.
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Population and Distribution of the Black Crested Gibbons in Southern and Southeastern Yunnan
NI Qing-yong MA Shi-lai , *
2006, 27(1): 34-40.
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In Vitro Culture of Bovine Fetal Fibroblast Cells Using Tissue Explant Attachment and Gene Transfection Through Electroporation
YANG Dong-shan * DU Chen-guang GAO Fei BOU Shorgan
2006, 27(1): 41-47.
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Preparation of Rabbit Anti-Human PBMC Antiserum and Rabbit Anti-Rhesus Monkey (Macaca mulatta) Spleen Cell Antiserum and Their Application in Isolating Human and Monkey Inner Cell Masses
ZHANG Xiu-zhen CAI Ke-jun WANG Shu-fen HU Zhi-xing PEI Yi-jing JI Wei-zhi , *
2006, 27(1): 48-53.
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Correlation Between Dopamine D2 Receptor in the Orbital Frontal Cortex in Rat and the Processing of Morphine Dependence
YU Hua-lin , * YE Wen-rui MA Yi-liu WANG Ting-hua FENG Zhong-tang CHEN Ye
2006, 27(1): 54-62.
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Assessment of Homozygosity in Gynogenetic Diploid Using Microsatellite Markers in Japanese Flounder (Paralichthys olivaceus)
ZHU Xiao-chen LIU Hai-jin , * SUN Xiao-wen XUE Ling-ling MAO Lian-ju
2006, 27(1): 63-67.
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Genetic Diversity Analysis of Nixi Chicken Using Microsatellite DNA Markers
YE Lang-hui HUO Jin-long MIAO Yong-wang , * ZHU Sheng-quan CHEN Tao LIU Li-xian PAN Wei-rong BI Bao-liang
2006, 27(1): 68-74.
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Expression of the Aphis gossypii AChE1 Gene Using the Baculovirus Expression System
DONG Shuang-lin HAN Zhao-jun Martin S WILLIAMSON , *
2006, 27(1): 75-80.
Abstract PDF
A New Fish Species of Genus Sinocrossocheilus (Cyprinidae) from Guangxi, China
CHEN Xiao-yong YANG Jun-xing* CUI Gui-hua
2006, 27(1): 81-85.
Abstract PDF
Ultrastructure of Bat (Pipistrellus kuhlii) Epidermis with Emphasis on Terminal Differentiation of Corneocytes
2006, 27(1): 86-93.
Abstract PDF
Fish Fauna Status in the Lugu Lake with Preliminary Analysis on Cause and Effect of Human Impacts
KONG De-ping CHEN Xiao-yong YANG Jun-xing*
2006, 27(1): 94-97.
Abstract PDF
A New Record of the Avian Order in Yunnan (Procellariiformes:Procellariidae:Bulweria bulwerii)
YANG Xiao-jun* YANG Lan
2006, 27(1): 98-99.
Abstract PDF
Amphibian Skin Secretions and Bio-adaptive Significance —Implications from Bombina maxima Skin Secretion Proteome
2006, 27(1): 101-112.
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