Forming Tetraploid Embryos with Electric Fusing Blastomeres of Kunming Mouse Embryos
WEN Duan-cheng, BI Chun-ming, ZHU Zi-yu, LEI Lei, YANG Cai-xia, CHEN Da-yuan
2003, 24(2): 81-85.
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Community Structure and Seasonal Change of Soil Mesofauna in Quzhou Region,Zhejiang
KE Xin, XU Jian-ming, XIE Rong-dong, WENG Chao-lian, YANG Yi-ming
2003, 24(2): 86-93.
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Effects of Starvation on the Contents of Growth Hormone and Triiodothyronine in Serum,and Lipid and Protein of White Muscles and Livers in Black Seabreams
DENG Li, ZHANG Wei-min, LIN Hao-ran
2003, 24(2): 94-98.
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Cladistic Biogeography of Four Grasshopper Genera (Catantopidae:Orthoptera) from the South of China
XU Sheng-quan, ZHENG Zhe-min, LI Hou-hun
2003, 24(2): 99-105.
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Changes of Material and Energy in Eggs of Lacertid Lizards,Eremias brenchleyi During Incubation at Mount Qianshan,Anhui
XU Xue-feng, WU Yi-lian
2003, 24(2): 106-110.
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Purification and Partial Characterization of Immunoglobulin M from Carassius auratus Serum and Skin Mucus
CHEN Yao, WANG Shi-quan, HAN Xiao-dong, HOU Ya-yi
2003, 24(2): 111-115.
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Projections of the High Vocal Center and Its Shell,and Distribution of Substance P in the Vocal Auditory Center in Emberiza elegans
ZHANG Xin-wen, ZENG Shao-ju, LI Jia, MA Jun, ZUO Ming-xue
2003, 24(2): 116-120.
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Renaturation and Mass Spectrometric Analysis of Chemically Synthesized ω-conotoxin MⅦA
WANG Xian-chun, LIANG Song-ping
2003, 24(2): 121-126.
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Amplification and Sequencing of Sox Gene HMG-box in Alligator sinensis
CHEN Dong-sheng, NIE Liu-wang, CHENG Shuang-huai, KAN Xian-zhao, WANG Chao-lin, XIE Wan-shu
2003, 24(2): 127-131.
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Characteristics of Time Sharing and Frequency Domain on the Morning Song of Garden Birds in Spring in Hangzhou
JIANG Shi-ren, DING Ping
2003, 24(2): 132-136.
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Feeding Nestling in Twite Acanthis flavirostris at the Haibei Alpine Meadow,Qinhai
ZHAO Liang, LIU Ze-hua, ZHANG Xiao-ai, YI Xiang-feng, LI Ming-cai
2003, 24(2): 137-139.
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Effect of Non-steroidal Ecdysone Agonist (RH-2485) on the Expression of Proteins in Some Tissues and the Structure of Body Wall in 6th-instar Larva Helicoverpa armigera
LI Zhao-min, ZHAO Xiao-fan, WANG Jin-xing, WANG Jia-bao, WANG Sheng-li
2003, 24(2): 140-143.
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Fauna and Status of Fishes in Lashihai Nature Reserve in Lijiang
CHEN Xiao-yong, YANG Jun-xing, CHEN Zi-ming, KONG De-ping
2003, 24(2): 144-147.
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A New Record of Cyprinid Fishes in China—Barbodes gonionotus
CHEN Zi-ming, HUANG De-chang, XU Shi-ying, QI Wen-long
2003, 24(2): 148-150.
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Research Development of Snake Venom C-type Lectins
LEE Wen-hui, ZHANG Yun
2003, 24(2): 151-160.
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