Purification of a Phospholipase A[2] from Bungarus fasciatus Venom by One Step Sepharose 4B Method
ZHA Hong-Guang, ZHANG Yun
2001, 22(6): 433-436.
Abstract PDF
Neurotropic Effect Mechanism of Target on Peripheral Nerve Regeneration
ZHU Dao-Li
2001, 22(6): 437-441.
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Selected Body Temperature,Thermal Tolerance and Influence of Temperature on Food Assimilation and Locomotor Performance in Lacertid Lizards,Eremias brenchleyi
XU Xue-Feng, CHEN Xue-Jun, JI Xiang
2001, 22(6): 443-448.
Abstract PDF
Bellowing,Rank-class and Mating Success in Père David's Deer Stags
LI Chun-Wang, JIANG Zhi-Gang, ZENG Yan
2001, 22(6): 449-453.
Abstract PDF
Species Diversity of Litter-layer Beetles in Northwest Yunnan Province,Southwest China
YU Xiao-Dong, ZHOU Hong-Zhang, LUO Tian-Hong
2001, 22(6): 454-460.
Abstract PDF
Spermatogenesis of Teleosts,Pseudosciaena crocea
YOU Yong-Long, LIN Dan-Jun, CHEN Lian-Yun
2001, 22(6): 461-466.
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Optical and Transmission Electron Microscope Study on Nerve Tissue Infested by Rickettsia-like Organisms in Crab,Eriocheir sinensis,Suffering from Tremor Disease
WANG Wen, ZHU Ning-Ning, LI Zheng-Rong, GU Zhi-Feng, XU Zai-Kuan
2001, 22(6): 467-471.
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Brain and Skull Morphology in Five Species of Rodents and Their Ecological Relationship
TAI Fa-Dao, SUN Ru-Yong, WANG Ting-Zheng, ZHOU Hong-Wei
2001, 22(6): 472-477.
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Three New Species of the Genus Lordiphosa (Diptera:Drosophilidae)
QUAN Lu-Jun, ZHANG Wen-Xia
2001, 22(6): 478-484.
Abstract PDF
Three New Species of the Anthomyiidae from Yunnan Province,China (Diptera:Anthomyiidae)
XUE Wan-Qi
2001, 22(6): 485-489.
Abstract PDF
Progress of Old Sample DNA Study
PANG Jun-Feng, ZHANG Ya-Ping
2001, 22(6): 490-496.
Abstract PDF
Timeless Gene and Biological Clock Genes
LIU Zong-Min, ZHANG Ya-Ping
2001, 22(6): 497-501.
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Molecular Cloning and Sequence Analysis of Insulin-like Growth Factor-Ⅰ cDNA from Bluntnose Bream (Megalobrama amblycephala)
BAI Jun-Jie, LAO Hai-Hua, YE Xing, LI Ying-Hua, LUO Jian-Ren
2001, 22(6): 502-506.
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Realdisplay,Software to Display EPG Simultaneously,in the Studies on Feeding Behavior of Piercing-sucking Insects
ZHANG Xian, CHEN Jian-Qun, ZHANG Peng-Fei
2001, 22(6): 507-510.
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The Morphologic Feature of Cryptosporidium baileyi Endogenous Developmental Stages in Chickens and Influence on Parasitic Organs of Host
ZHANG Long-Xian, NING Chang-Shen, JIANG Jin-Shu
2001, 22(6): 511-515.
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