Cytogenetic Effects of Pulsing Electromagnetic Field on Domestic Pig Lymphocytes in Vitro
ZOU Fang-Dong, XU Liu, WANG Zi-Shu, WANG Xi-Zhong
2001, 22(2): 89-92.
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Divergence and Phylogeny of Mitochondrial Cytochrome b Gene from Species in Nycticebus
LU Xue-Mei, WANG Ying-Xiang, ZHANG Ya-Ping
2001, 22(2): 93-98.
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Nuclear Control of Cortical Development during Conjugation in Pseudourostyla cristata
JIN Li-Pei, LIU Xiao-Yi, JIN Hua-Zhong
2001, 22(2): 99-104.
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Effects of 4-Androstene-3,17-Dine and 17α-Methyl-testosterone on Induction of Gonadal Maturation in the Male Japaneses Eel (Anguilla japonica)
ZHANG Li-Hong, ZHANG Wei-Min, LIN Hao-Ran
2001, 22(2): 105-109.
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Immunohistochemical Localization of Neurokinin B Receptor (NK3r) in the Mouse Gastrointestinal Tract
WANG Hong, ZHANG Yuan-Qiang, DING Yu-Qiang
2001, 22(2): 110-114.
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Studies on the Songs and Stridulatory Organs of Euconocephalus nasutus (Thunberg) and E.pallidus (Redtenbacher)
SHI Fu-Ming, YANG Pei-Lin, JIANG Shu-Nan
2001, 22(2): 115-119.
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A Preliminary Study on the Nesting Success in Houbara Bustard (Chlamydotis undulata macqueenii) Population in Mulei Xinjiang
QIAO Jian-Fang, YANG Wei-Kang, Yao Jun, Gao Xing-Yi
2001, 22(2): 120-124.
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Study on Pollination Ecology of Fig Wasp (Ceratosolen sp.) in the Tropical Rainforest of Xishuangbanna,China
YANG Da-Rong, ZHAO Ting-Zhou, WANG Rui-Wu, ZHANG Guang-Ming, SONG Qi-Shi
2001, 22(2): 125-130.
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Analysis on the Spatial Distribution of Bullacta exarata (Mollusca:Gastropoda:Atyidae) Population in Yangtze River Estuary,China
YE Shu-Feng, LU Jian-Jian
2001, 22(2): 131-136.
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The Relationship between the Fitness of Host Plants to Liriomyza sativae and the Structure of Leaf Blades
ZHANG Hui-Jie, WANG Hui-Jin, LI Jian-She, ZHANG Li-Ping, DONG Zhe-Sheng, XU Qi
2001, 22(2): 137-141.
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Three New Species and a New Record of the Genus Anatkina from China (Homoptera:Cicadellidae:Cicadellinae)
YANG Mao-Fa, DU Yan-Li, LI Zi-Zhong
2001, 22(2): 142-145.
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Introduction of Avian Energetics
ZHANG Xiao-Ai, ZHAO Liang, KANG Ling
2001, 22(2): 146-153.
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The Effects of Stress on Aquatic Animal's Growth,Behavior and Physiological Activity
ZHOU Xian-Qing, SUN Ru-Yong, NIU Cui-Juan
2001, 22(2): 154-158.
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Construction of cDNA Library of House Fly (Musca domestic)
WANG Lai-Yuan, WANG Jin-Xing, ZHAO Xiao-Fan, WANG Lai-Cheng, KANG Cui-Jie
2001, 22(2): 159-162.
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Study on Concentration of Serum Antibody of Soft-shelled Turtle
JIAN Ji-Chang
2001, 22(2): 163-165.
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Banding on the Waders and Terns between Australia and China
2001, 22(2): 166-168.
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