Phylogenetic Relationships Among Giant Panda and Related Species Based on Restriction Site Variations in rDNA Spacers
LAN Hong, WANG Wen
1998, 19(5): 337-343.
Abstract PDF
DNA Preparation and Sequencing From Scent marks in The Glant Panda
DING Bo, Oliver A.Ryder, ZHANG Ya-ping, ZHANG Jin-guo, ZHANG Cheng-lin, ZHANG Xi-ge
1998, 19(5): 344-349.
Abstract PDF
Distributions of Triplet Codons in Messenger RNA Secondary Structures
ZHANG Jing, GU Bao-hong, PENG Shou-li, LIU Ci-quan
1998, 19(5): 350-358.
Abstract PDF
A Preliminary Study on The Bionomic Strategies of The Red Panda in Gaoligong Mountains
HU Gang
1998, 19(5): 358-366.
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A Study on The Changes During The Maturation of The Late Spermatid and The Structure of The Spermatozoon of Sebastiscus marmoratus
LIN Dan-jun, YOU Yong-long
1998, 19(5): 359-366.
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The Influence of Extra- and Intracellular Calcium on Theadaptation of Limulus polyphemus Ventral Nerve Photoreceptors
YUAN Wei-jia, H.Stieve
1998, 19(5): 367-373.
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Circadlan Rhythm of Urination and Its Change After Suprachiasmatic Nucleus Lesion in Tree Shrews
ZHOU Tian-lu, ZHONG Yong-mei, LI Xia, SU Zhao-yu
1998, 19(5): 374-378.
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Clenbuterol's Regulation Effects on Amino Acid Net Balance in Hu Sheep's Hindquarter Muscle
WANG Jin-luo, AI Xiao-jie, XU Qing-fu, CHEN Jie, HAN Zheng-kang
1998, 19(5): 379-383.
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Biological Characteristics and Behavior of Adult Serpentine Leafminer Liriomyza huidobrensis (Blanchard)
ZOU Li, WEI Jia-ning, KUANG Rong-ping
1998, 19(5): 384-388.
Abstract PDF
Temperature-Dependent Development of Asian Corn Borer Ostrinia furnacalis
LI Zheng-yue, LU Mei-rong
1998, 19(5): 389-396.
Abstract PDF
Observation of Feeding Habits of Soil Protozoa in Chinese Six Typical Zones
NING Ying-zhi, SHEN Yun-fen
1998, 19(5): 397-400.
Abstract PDF
Description of A New Species of The Genus Laudakia From Xizang (Tibet) (Sauria:Agamidae)
ZHAO Er-mi
1998, 19(5): 401-404.
Abstract PDF
Preliminary Study on The Problem of Ethics and Law From Protection of Human Genome Diversity
NI Hui-fang, LIU Ci-quan
1998, 19(5): 405-409.
Abstract PDF
Studies on The Morphology of The First Zoea Stage of Portunus trituberculatus By Sem
XUE Jun-zeng
1998, 19(5): 410-411.
Abstract PDF
The Karyotype and NORs Investigations of Four Brown Frogs
ZENG Xiao-mao, YE Chang-yuan, FEI Liang, JIANG Jian-pin, XIE Feng
1998, 19(5): 414-414.
Abstract PDF
Morphological Studies of Thymic Macrophage in Snake
LU Yu-yan, LI Pi-peng
1998, 19(5): 415-416.
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