New Genera and New Species of Sawflies From Southwestern China (Hymenoptera:Tenthredinidae)
WEI Mei-cai
1997, 18(2): 129-138.
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Six New Species of Piona From Chin and Laos With Description of Glandularia of the Genus (Acari:Hygrobatoidea:Pionidae)
JIN Dao-chao
1997, 18(2): 139-150.
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Three New Species of Tetrigidae From China (Orthoptera:Tetrigoidea)
ZHENG Zhe-min, JIANG Guo-fang
1997, 18(2): 151-155.
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A Study on The Antennal Sensilla in Dragonflies Using Scanning Electron Microscopy
HAN Feng-ying
1997, 18(2): 156-162.
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The Description of A New Ranid Species From Xishuangbanna---Rana bannanica sp.nov.
RAO Ding-qi, YANG Da-tong
1997, 18(2): 157-161.
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A Taxonomic Study on The Ant Genus Pheidologeton Mayr in Guangxi (Hymenoptera:Formicidae)
ZHOU Shan-yi, ZHENG Zhe-min
1997, 18(2): 163-170.
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Two New Species and Noe New Combination of The Conifer Sawfly Family Diprionidae (Hymenoptera:Symphyta) From Yunnan,China
XU Zheng-hui
1997, 18(2): 171-176.
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A New Subspecies of Hyla annectans From Hunan,China (Anaura:Hylidae)
SHEN Yo-hiu
1997, 18(2): 177-182.
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A New Species of the Genus Anteon Jurine (Hymenoptera,Dryinidae,Anteoninae) From China
XU Zai-fu, HE Jun-hua
1997, 18(2): 183-184.
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Morphogenesis of Aspidisca pulcherrima (Protozoa:Ciliophora)
WANG Mei, MU Zhi-chun, ZHANG She-hua, SONG Wei-bo
1997, 18(2): 185-188.
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Studies on Animal Structure and Biodiversity on Ficus in The Tropical Rain of Xishuangbanna,China
YANG Da-rong, LI Chao-da, YANG Bing
1997, 18(2): 189-196.
Abstract PDF
Small Mammals in The Cangshan and Erhai Natural Reserve
GONG Zheng-da, DUAN Xing-de, FENG Xi-guang, XIE Shu et al.
1997, 18(2): 197-204.
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The Relationships Between Preforntal Cortex and Immune System Ⅰ.Effects of biolateral dorsal-lateral prefronal cortex lesion on immunity of lymphocyte in rhesus monkeys
WANG Gui-lan, MA Yan-ye, TIAN Bao-ping
1997, 18(2): 205-211.
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Transferrin Polymorphism in Cashmere Goat
LIU Wan-chen, CUI Jan-hua, WANG Yu-song, MA Ning, LI Yong-jun, SONG Ya-qin
1997, 18(2): 212-220.
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Studies on Mitochondrial DNA Comparisons of Drosophila lini Within Different Populations
XIE Li, WEN Shuo-yang, XIE Yi-quan, PENG Tong-xu
1997, 18(2): 213-219.
Abstract PDF
Studies on Factors in Random Amplified Polymorphic DNA Analysis
CHEN Yong-jiu, ZHANG Ya-ping
1997, 18(2): 221-227.
Abstract PDF
The Research on The Relationship Between protein Structural Fractals and Evolution
HUANG Jing-fei, LIU Ci-quan
1997, 18(2): 229-234.
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