1997 Vol. 18, No. 2

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Two new genera and ten new species of sawflies from Southwestern China are described in the paper:Togashia brevitarsis gen.et sp.nov.,Apethymorpha typica gen.et sp.nov.,Hemathlophorus tibetanus sp.nov.,Mimathlophorus fulvitarsus sp.nov.,Mimathlophorus planoscutellis sp.nov.,Mallachiella interstitialis sp.nov.,Allantus athlophoroides sp.nov.,Nagamasaia sinica sp.nov.,Adungia brevicornis sp.nov.,and Adungia sinica sp.nov.The genera Mimathlophorus Malaise,Nagamasaia Togashi and Adungia Malaise were recorded for the first time in China.The type material is deposited in the Insect Collection of Central South Forestry College,Zhuzhou,Hunan Province if not otherwise mentioned.A new combination,Togashiahorii (Togashi,1962) comb.nov.,is also proposed.
sixe new species of Piona (Pionidae)(five from China and one from Laos) are presented in this paper.This is the first report of the genus from Laos.The distribution of glandularia in the genus is defined based on comparative study of the species.It is suggested that the locations of D[2] and L[3] (on the dorso-lateral) and V[4] (on the dorsal of posterior end of idisoma) were the characteristics of the genus.A key to Chinese species (including one from Laos in the paper) was given.The differences between the new species and the relatives are as follows.
In the present paper,three new species of Tetrigidae are described,type specimens are kept in the Institute of Zoology,Shaanxi Normal University and Institute of Biology,Guangxi Academy of Sciences.
A kind of ranid specimens from Xishuangbanna,Yunnan is considered as a new species--Rana bannanica sp.nov.,the description is as bellows.
Three new species of the ant genus Pheidologeton Mayr in Guangxi,China,P.melasolenus sp.n.P.latinodus sp.n.and P.trechideros sp.n.,are described.A key based on large major worker caste is given to the known species of Guangxi.The holotypes are deposited in the Institute of Zoology,Shaanxi Normal University,the paratypes and other specimens are deposited in the Department of Biology,Guangxi Normal University.The measurements and indices used in the paper are as defined by Holldobler and Wilson (1990).All measurements are expressed in millimeters,and indices are expressed in percentage.
In this paper two new species of Diprionidae were described from Yunnan province,China,Gilpinia hebedentata,sp.n.and Macrodiprion wui,sp.n.Another species recorded in Yunnan,Gilpinia disa Smith,was transferred from Gilpinia Benson to Microdiprion Enslin.Macrodiprion Enslin is a newly recorded genus in China.
This paper discribes a new subspecies of Hyla annectans from Hunan Province.The type specimens are kept in the Department of Biology of Hunan Normal University.
This paper deals with a new species of the genus Anteon Jurine from China.Type specimen is preserved in Zhejiang Agricultural University.
Wilberts protatgol method was used in the study of morphology and morphogenesis of Aspidisca pulcherrima Kahl,1932 during its asexual reproducing cycle.The process is:1)After appearance of the oral primordium (OP),first 3,then 5 thin streaks of cirral anlagen are formed anterior to TC.2)The kinetosomes within OP assembly into neatly arranged membranelles and thus the new AZM is formed,which is divided later into two parts:A-AZM and B-AZM.3)The new paroral membrane derived from posterior end of OP while the "buccal cirrus"is formed from the OP-field (as a pouch beneath the cortex).4)Cirral anlagen generate 8 frontoventral and 5 transverse cirri.5)In dorsal bristle rows,the 1st-4th new anlage of both proter and opisthe develops in the middle part of the anterior and opsterior half of each corresponding bristle row.Each primordia extends forward and backward,taking the place of old structure.
Ficus tree is a key species in the ecosystem of tropical rain forest in Xishuangbanna.The animal community is established by feeding,perching and breeding on the fruits,leaves,branches,fallen leaves and branches of Ficus,and even in the soil under the tree.The community helps Ficus tree with pollination and spread.And a correlation between Ficus and animals is closely established in the ecosystem.The data were collected in Menglun tropical rain forest reserve,endangered plant migratereserve,banks of Luosuo river and living compound of botanic garden in Xishuangbanna,in the sampled sites in regular time.The data indicate that the animal community in the virginal tropical rain forest with abundant Ficus trees has a diverse structure and it has much more species.
An investigation on the fauna and ecology of small mammals on the Cangshan Mountain and Erhai Lake natural reserve was carried out from 1992 to 1995,and more than 1600 specimens belonged to 35 species were collected in the survey.Until now,53 species which belong to 30 genera,12 families and 5 orders,has been found in the reserve together with those recorded previously.According to the investigation in eight main ecological enviroments,the species diversity index is the highest in the coniferous and broadleaf mixed forest and lowest in the cultivated area while the highest density of small mammals is in the cultivated area and the lowest in the alpine bush or meadow.Among 33 species of small mammals in the vertical distribution investigation on both eastern and western slopes of Cangshan Mountain,21 species (63.63%)belong to Oriental realm and 10 species (30.30%)to Palaearctic realm,and 2 species (6.06%) to wide spread species.The elevation of 3100 m (in coniferous and broadleaf mixde forest) was the dividing line tetween the two regions in Cangshan Mountain.
The percentage of the rosette formation cell,such as Et,Ea,ZYC and ME of peripheral blood of lymphoid of rhesus monkey with and without prefronal cortex lesions were examinated at 7th day and 30th day after operation with immune-rosette technique.The results were as follows:1.The percentage of Ea and ME decreaced statistically at 7th day to 30th day after prefronal cortex biolateral lesions.2.The percentage of Et and ZYC decreaced statistically after biolateral lesions 7th day and has recovered at 30th day after operation.This suggested that prefronal cortex might modutate the immunity of organism.The mechanism of modulated will be studied further.
Mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) variation was investigated among 22 isofemale lines from different populations of Drosophila lini with 10 restriction endonucleases.The isofemale lines were collected originally from Taiwan,Guangdong in China and Yangon (Rangoon),Pyinoolwin (Maymyo)in Myanmar.Comparison of the cleavage sites allowed us to build a phylogenetic tree based on genetic distances of isofemale strains.The results show as follows:1)The mtDNA nucleomorph is the same in isofemale lines from Taiwan (TAW 3146.1) and Guangdong except DHS 307,315 and NKS 9243 from Guangdong.2)The difference is not found between MMY 307 and 326.3)The strains from Myanmar might have diverged.The genetic distance between TAW 3146.1 and RGN 3,RGN 206 is 0.00534 and 0.00553,between MMY 307,326 and RGN 3,RGN 206 is 0.00835 and 0.00868.4)The genetic distances between MMY 307,326 and TAW 3146.1 is very close (0.00274).As the same as between DHS 307,315,NKS 9243 and TAW 3146.1.
In this paper,we studied factors which may affect the results of random amplified polymorphic DNA.We found that different PCR amplifier,TaqDNA polymerase,and concentration of Mg[2+],Dntp,BSA,gentin,and template DNA may result in different RAPD results.To make the RAPD data more repeative and comparitive,we recommand that those factors should be clearly stated in all the paper.
This paper,based on using fractal theory to investigate the problem about protein structural fractals,from the nonlinear angle,explored and analyzed the relations between protein polypeptide structure and fractal,and between globin three-dimensional structural fractal dimensions and evolution.We suggest that not only the aspects can be discribed well by using fractal theory,but also it is more important that the fractal theory will probably offer the profitable enlightening and new information for people recognizing biological macromolecular nature and feature becanse of the complexity and nonlinearity in biosystem and the fractal nature in biological macromolecule of itself contains fractal nature.On the other hand,it will also provide a new way for using the nonlinear theory into the field of structural molecular biology.