The Range of Green Peafowl (Pavo muticus imperator) in Southeast and Northwest Yunnan Province,China
YANG Xiao-jun, WEN Xian-ji, YANG Lan
1997, 18(1)
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A Taxonomic Study of The Ant Genus Pseudolasius Emery in China (Hymenoptera:Formicidae)
XU Zheng-hui
1997, 18(1): 1-6.
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Descriptions of Three New Species of The Genus Aphelopus Dalman From Mt.Fangjingshan,China (Hymenoptera:Dryinidae)
XU Zai-fu, HE Jun-hua, YAO Song-lin
1997, 18(1): 7-11.
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Research on A New Species of Pelodiscus,Trionychidae in China
TANG Ye-zhong
1997, 18(1): 13-17.
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A New Species of The Genus Beaufortia From Guizhou Province,China (Cypriniformes:Homalopteridae)
TANG Wen-qiao, WANG Da-zhong, YU Tao
1997, 18(1): 19-22.
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A New Species of The Genus Anthomyia From Liaoning,China (Diptera:Anthomyiidae)
ZHANG Lian-fu, SUN Jin-zhong
1997, 18(1): 23-25.
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Chromosome Number and Characteristics of A Hirudinidae Leech Hirudo nipponia
YANG Tong, WANG Tie-hui, GUO Zheng-ke
1997, 18(1): 26-325.
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A New Species of The Subgenus Heizmannia (Diptera:Culicidae)
DONG Xue-shu, ZHOU Hong-lin, WANG Pei-yi, WANG Xue-zhong
1997, 18(1): 27-31.
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A Study on The Structure and Temporal-Spatial Attacking Traits of Coffee Stem-Borer Population in Simao Region
KUANG Rong-ping, YU Xin-wen, ZHONG Ning
1997, 18(1): 33-38.
Abstract PDF
Spatial Distribution and Its Application of Population of Coffee Stem-Borer
YU Xin-wen, KUANG Rong-ping
1997, 18(1): 39-44.
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Comparison of The Community Component of Soil Animals on The Fragments of Tropical Rain Forest in Xishuangbanna
LI Chao-da, XIAO Ning-nian, YANG Da-rong, KUANG Pu-ren
1997, 18(1): 45-49.
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Microscopic Analysis on Herbivorous Diets of Wintering Black-Necked Cranes at Caohai,China
LI Feng-shan, NIE Hui, YE Chang-hong
1997, 18(1): 51-57.
Abstract PDF
A Simple Method For Getting Digoxigenin Labeling Proble of mtDNA From Ovary of Fish
XIAO Wu-han, SU Bing, WU Chun-hua, ZHANG Ya-ping
1997, 18(1): 58-727.
Abstract PDF
The Influence on The Characteristics of Frequency Tuning of Bats'inferior Collicular Neurons by Early Sound Exposure
ZHOU Xiao-ming, SUN Xin-de
1997, 18(1): 59-64.
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Effects of Adenosine and Its Receptor Antagonists on Heart Contractility and Heart Rate of Chinese Toad In Vitro
YUAN Chong-gang, ZHANG Lie-xiong, LIN Long-nian, XU Xiang, ZHU Xian-ling
1997, 18(1): 65-71.
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Effects of Naloxone Intraventricular Injection on Vagus Pressor Response in Baby Rabbits
LIN Jin, LIN Gui-chu, ZHU Yi-ren
1997, 18(1): 73-77.
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Effects of Different Hypothalamic Peptides and Neurotransmitters on Gonadotropin and Growth Hormone Secretion in Common Carp (Cyprinus carpio L.)
WANG Li, LIN Hao-ran, ZHANG Wei-min
1997, 18(1): 79-84.
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A Preliminary Study on The Oviductal Cytokines in Controlling The Development of Mammalian Early Embryos
LI Yi-ping, SHEN Hong, GU Zheng, ZUO Jia-ke
1997, 18(1): 85-92.
Abstract PDF
Inhibition of Mouse Implantation by Proteinase Inhibitors
CAO Yu-jing, JIANG Guang-tai, ZENG Guo-qing
1997, 18(1): 93-98.
Abstract PDF
Studies on Postmating Reproductive Isolation of Drosophila lini
WEN Shuo-yang, PENG Tong-xu, XIE Li, XIE Yi-quan
1997, 18(1): 99-103.
Abstract PDF
Histology and Histochemistry of Oviductal Sperm-Storage Glands in Canary Bird
ZHANG Mei-fen, ZHAO Xiang, WENG Xiao-yan, XU Yi-yan
1997, 18(1): 105-111.
Abstract PDF
Progress in The Conservation Biology of Chinese Sturgeon
DENG Xin, DENG Zhong-lin
1997, 18(1): 113-120.
Abstract PDF
Current Status in Research on Animal Models For human Aquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome
HUANG Hai, BEN Kun-long, ZHENG Yong-tang
1997, 18(1): 121-128.
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