A Study on The Resting Metabolic Rate of Eremias argus and Phrynocephalus frontalis
CHEN Qiang
1994, 15(3)
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A New Species of Genus Homalogonia Walker (Hemiptera:Pentatomidae)
ZHANG Le-yi, YUAN Shi-yun
1994, 15(3): 1-4.
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Four New Species of The Genus Hepialus From Yunnan and Xizang,China (Lepidoptera:Hepialidae)
YANG Da-rong
1994, 15(3): 5-11.
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Three New Species of cybocephalidae (Coleoptera) From China
YU Guo-yue
1994, 15(3): 13-17.
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The Comparative Studies on The Characteristics of Chinese Bulbul Songs Between Shensi Island and Hangzhou Area
JIANG Shi-ren, DING Ping, ZHU ge-Yang
1994, 15(3): 19-27.
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An Analysis of The Anomalous Electrocardiogram of A Golden Monkey
GAO Yun-fang, LIU Shi-feng, CAO Yong-han, CHANG Xiu-yun, FAN Pei-zhang
1994, 15(3): 28-38.
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Study on The Karyotype,High Resolution Banding Meiosis of Pseudoxenodon macrops (Snake)
WANG Rui-fang, HE Wei-shun
1994, 15(3): 29-32.
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Studies on The Karyotypes of Birds Ⅻ.The 12 Species of Passeriformes
LI Qing-wei ZHANG Heng-qing, WANG Yong-jin, BIAN Xiao-zhuang, XIONG Xi-kun et al.
1994, 15(3): 33-37.
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The Mitochondrial DNA Restriction Map of The Fea's Tree Mouse (Chiromyscus chiropus) and Its Evolutionary Relationship With Mouse and Rat
LAN Hong, CHEN Zhi-ping, WANG Ying-xiang, SHI Li-ming
1994, 15(3): 39-44.
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A Study on The Yolk Metabolism of Embryos and Hatchlings in Chinemys reevesii
YOU Wen-hui, WANG Pei-chao
1994, 15(3): 45-50.
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A Comparative Study on Thermoregulation of Three Species Passerine Nestling in Alpine Meadow
ZHANG Xiao-ai, DENG He-li
1994, 15(3): 51-57.
Abstract PDF
The Major Lipid Reserves in The Skink,Eumeces chinensis
JI Xiang, XU Yong-geng, ZHENG Xiang-zhong
1994, 15(3): 59-64.
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Effects of Total Isoflavones of Red Clover on Male Broiler Growth and Serum Testosterone Concentration
WANG Guo-jie, HAN Zheng-kang
1994, 15(3): 65-69.
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Comparable Study on Chromatin Composition of Five Tissues From Rhesus Monkey
ZHONG Shu-ping, WEN Bo-gui
1994, 15(3): 70-72.
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Snake Venom Serine Protease Diversity--Substrate Spectificity Immuno-Chemistry and Sequence Comparison Studies
HANG Yun, XIONG Yu-liang, WANG Wan-yu, LI Wen-hui, ZHU Shao-wen
1994, 15(3): 73-80.
Abstract PDF
Regulation of Surface IgD Expression on Murine B Cells
CONG Ying-zi, YU Shi-guang
1994, 15(3): 81-86.
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A Preliminary Study on Breeding Yunnan Snub-Nosed Monkeys (Rhinopithecus bieti)
ZOU Ru-jin, JI Wei-zhi, YANG Shang-chuan, TIAN Bao-ping, BAO Hai-xian et al.
1994, 15(3): 87-92.
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