The Biological Characters of Fishes of Fuxian Lake,Yunnan,With Comments of Their Adaptations to The Lacustrine Environments
YANG Jun-xing
1994, 15(2): 1-9.
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Observations on The Soil Ciliate Acineria uncinata With Light and Sem Methods (Ciliophora,Pleurostomatida)
SONG Wei-bo, GAO Lan
1994, 15(2): 10-14.
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Group Size and Composition of Black-Crested Gibbons (Hylobates concolor)
JIANG Xue-long, MA Shi-lai, WANG Ying-xiang, Lori K. Sheeran, Frank E. Poirier
1994, 15(2): 15-22.
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The Ecological Distribution of Soil Beetle in Jiuhua Mountains
WANG Zong-ying, LU You-cheng, LI Jing-ke
1994, 15(2): 23-31.
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A Comparative Study of Biomass Dynamics of The Species Populations of The Desert Rodent Community in The Chihuahuan Desert of North America
ZENG Zong-yong, YANG Yue-min, SONG Zhi-ming
1994, 15(2): 32-41.
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Studies on The Development and Annual Change in The Ovary and The Breeding Habits of A Freshwater Catfish (Leiocassis longirostris)
ZHANG Yao-guang, LUO Quan-shen, HE Xue-fu
1994, 15(2): 42-48.
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The Biological Function of Antimurine Sperm-Specific Lactate Dehydrogenase C4 Monoclonal IgA Assembled With or Without Secretory Component
BEN Kun-long, FENG Shu-lin, CAO Xiao-mei et al.
1994, 15(2): 49-61.
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Studies on The Lactate Dehydrogenase Isozymes of Varicorhinus sp.
ZHANG Qing-chao, WANG Hui, QING Zi-juan, ZENG Yong-qing, YUE Yong-sheng
1994, 15(2): 62-67.
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An Analysis of The Muscle Proteins of The Wild Crucian (Carassius auratus) and Five Representative Varieties of Goldfishes (C.auratus var.) By Electrophoresis Methods
LIANG Qian-jin, PENG Yi-xin
1994, 15(2): 68-75.
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Karyotype Analysis For Seven Species of Clupeiform and Perciform Fishes
WANG Jin-xing, ZHAO Xiao-fan, WANG Xiang-min, TIAN Ming-cheng
1994, 15(2): 76-79.
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A Comparative Study on The Karyotype of Three Species in Phrynocephalus (Agamidae)
ZENG Xiao-mao, WANG Yao-zhao, LIU Zhi-jun, YU Ping
1994, 15(2): 80-84.
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Scanning Electron Microscopic Studies of Microsculpturing on Wing Scales of Nineteen Spcies of Termites (Isoptera)
ZHANG Fang-yao, GAO Qi-kang, LI Shen, TANG Jue
1994, 15(2): 85-88.
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Fiber Connections and Functions of The Hyperstriatum Ventrale Pars Caudale in Fringilla montifringilla
ZHANG Xin-wen, CHEN Yan, CHANG Yan-chun, YANG Xiu-hong, SU Gui-ping
1994, 15(2): 89-92.
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Two Kinds of Ant Chromosome in Heilongjiang
YANG Xiu-zhi, WANG Jun-sen
1994, 15(2): 93-96.
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