1993 Vol. 14, No. zk

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In this paper,the coplanar interaction between every two bases in triplet was studied by the empirical interaction potential of multiatomic molecules.We calculated the total energy of base pairs in Watson-Crick hydrogen bond,in Hoogsteen hydrogen bond and in other kind hydrogen bonds (include mismatch base pairs) according to the theoretical model of 22 triplets structures.The conclusion from the analysis of our calculation results was in accordance with the conclusion from experiment results reported.This studies will benefit the further investigation in biological function of multiple hydrogen bond interactions from the theoretical point of view.
According to the principle of base pair in tribase,this paper doing depth search in computer to λ phage DNA nucleotide sequence.At theory,the model of three-chain braid structure was constructed.
DNA triplexes have been attracting considerable attention in recent years because more and more evidence supports the existence of triplex DNA in vivo and the possible application of triplex DNA as artificial endonuclease,gene regulation.The structural basis,classify and biological significance of triplex formation are discussed.In finally,the prospect of further developing triplex trsearch is given.
Based on the image of a denaturation DNA three-stranded braid structure obtained from STM,this paper presented respectively DNA three-stranded braid and tri-helix structure molecular models with molecular building.After doing the energy optimization using conjugated gradient method,we did the energy analysis,and then discussed the stability and structural features of DNA three-stranded braid and tri-helix structures.
It is significant to study the model and energetics of the triplet-base,an element of forming three-stranded DNA structure.This paper,at theory,presented 22 kinds of triplet-bases,16 of which have been reported in references.The relative stability and hydrogen bond energy of these triplet-bases have been compared by optimizing their configurational energy and computing the total and hydrogene bond energy.
The basic principle of AFM is described here briefly.Applications of AFM in imaging cell,cellular organels,chromosome,cell membrance are reviewed.Two interesting examples about dynamic process taken place in cell are given.