Age Determination of Goitred Gazelle (Gazella subgutturosa)
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Abstract PDF
The Response Properties of The Hyperstriatal Visual Neurons to Photic Stimulation in Pigeons
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Abstract PDF
The Identity of Reptiles and Their Origination and Evolution in Southeastern Asia and Yunnan Province of China
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Descriptions of Two New and One Known Species of The Genus Arrenurus (Acari:Arrenuridae)
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A Preliminary Studies on The Ovipositional Rhythm of Housefly
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Three New Species of The Genus Petalocephala From China (Homoptera:Cicadelloidea:Ledridae)
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Abstract PDF
Four New Species of Reticulitermes and Pseudocapritermes (Isoptera:Kalotermitidae and Termitidae) From Yunnan,China
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Abstract PDF
A Preliminary Study of Small Rodent communities in A Brushland of South Texas,U.S.A.
WU De-lin
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Abstract PDF
Descriptions of New and First Recorded Species of The Genus Gallerucida (Coieoptea:Chrysomelidae:Galerucinae)
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Abstract PDF
Effect of Intracerebroventricular Injection of GABA on Ethanol-Induced Gastric Ulcer in Mice
XU Xiang-gui, ZHU Jian-qin, WANG Xue-qin
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Abstract PDF
Influence of Trace elements on The Larvae Growth of The Ghost Moth (Hepialus)
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Abstract PDF
Comparative Studies of Keratin Components on Hairs of Animals and Human
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Abstract PDF
Preparation and Restriction-Enzyme Analysis of Mitochondrial DNA From Brain Tissue of Macaques
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Abstract PDF
Comparative Studies on SC karyotypes of Chrysolophus amherstiae,C.pictus,Phasianus colchicus
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Abstract PDF
Effect of Intrauterine Treatment of Mouse Embryos With H-Y Antisera on The Offspring Sex Patio
CHEN Yu-he, ZHOU Xing-liang
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Abstract PDF
Comparative Studies on The C-Banded Karyotypes of 8 Species of Genus Rattus in China
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Abstract PDF
Modulation of The Frequency of Human Cytomegalovirus-Induced Chromosome Aberrations by Camptothecin
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1992, 13(2): 185-192.
Abstract PDF