Observations on the Process of fertilization of Clarias lazera By Scanning Electron Microscopy
ZHENG Wen-biao, PAN Jiong-hua, AN Dong, LIU Wen-sheng
1991, 12(2): 111-115.
Abstract PDF
Histochemical Observations on Three Enzymes of Leishmanix in Big Gerbils in Kalamay
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Abstract PDF
A Taxonomic Study on Rufous-headed Crowtit in China
HAN Lian-xian
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Abstract PDF
Five New Species of The Genus Sophonia From Guizhou,China (Homoptera:Nirvanidae)
LI Zi-zhong, WANG Lian-ming
1991, 12(2): 125-132.
Abstract PDF
Geographic Distribution of Genera Microtermes ancistrotermes (Isoptera) and Notes on New Species From Yunnan,China
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1991, 12(2): 133-142.
Abstract PDF
Studies on the Taxonomy of Pre-Parasitic Juveniles of Mermithidae (Nematoda)
LUO Da-ming, BAO Xue-chun
1991, 12(2): 143-146.
Abstract PDF
Investigation of Anoplocephalid Cestodes in Northwest Plataeu of Sichuan,With Discription of Diuterinotaenia daofuensis
GUAN Jia-zhen, LIN Yu-guang
1991, 12(2): 147-154.
Abstract PDF
Studies on the Population Reproduction Ecology of Plateau Pika
WANG Xue-gao, DAI Ke-hua
1991, 12(2): 155-161.
Abstract PDF
Assay of the Common Nutritional Compositions on the Bullfrog (Rana catesbeiana)
HAN Den-bao, LU Yuan, WANG Da-rui, ZANG Zong-bing
1991, 12(2): 161-162.
Abstract PDF
Intraspecific Individual Recognition by Song in Yellow-Throated Bunting During Breeding Season
LI Pei-xun, YU Xue-feng, LI Fang-man
1991, 12(2): 163-168.
Abstract PDF
The Structure of Bird Community in Xishuangbanna Forest
WANG Zhi-jun
1991, 12(2): 169-174.
Abstract PDF
Energetics of Growth in Nestling Long-Billed Calandra Lark
DENG He-li, ZHANG Xiao-ai, LIN Ming
1991, 12(2): 175-180.
Abstract PDF
Comparative Studies on Biochemical Composition in Serum of
LOU Yun-dong, SHEN Hong, LU Jun, SHI Hong
1991, 12(2): 181-185.
Abstract PDF
Observation on The Breeding Habits of The Collared Scops-Owl
DU Heng-qin, CHEN Yu-quan, ZHU Wei-guo
1991, 12(2): 186-208.
Abstract PDF
Standing Crops of Elements and Atomic Ratios For A Small Mammal Community Captured By Snap-Traps in the Ailao Mountains
WU De-lin, DENG Xiang-fu, XU Yao
1991, 12(2): 187-192.
Abstract PDF
Ldh Isozyme Comparative Studies of Various Tissues in Four Species of Amphibians
LI Yong-tong, WU Zhi-kang
1991, 12(2): 193-198.
Abstract PDF
Purification and Characterization of A New Fibrinogenase From The Venom of the Chinese Habu Snake (Trimeresurus mucrosquamatus)
ZHANG Yun, XIONG Yu-liang
1991, 12(2): 199-207.
Abstract PDF
Restriction Enzyme Map of mtDNA From Giant Panda (Ailuropoda melanoleuca)
ZHANG Ya-ping, CHEN Xing, SHI Li-ming
1991, 12(2): 209-214.
Abstract PDF
Studies on The Karyotypes of Birds Ⅲ.10 Species of Warblers and 4 Species of Flycatchers (Aves)
BIAN Xiao-zhuang, LI Qing-wei, NING Shu-xiang
1991, 12(2): 215-219.
Abstract PDF