Studies on The Blood Vessels of Eye,Gas Bladder and Kidney of Snakehead
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1990, 11(4): 265-271.
Abstract PDF
Discovery of the New Hibernaculum of Grus nigricollis in the Northeast Yunnan
QIU Guo-xin
1990, 11(4): 272-272.
Abstract PDF
Descriptions of Two New Species of the Genus Eupeodes From Qingchengshan,Sichuan Province (Diptera:Syrphidae)
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1990, 11(4): 273-278.
Abstract PDF
Five New Species of Chrysopilus From Yunnan (Diptera:Rhagionidae)
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Abstract PDF
A Preliminary Investigation on the Winter Ecology of White Stork
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1990, 11(4): 284-298.
Abstract PDF
The Noemacheilinae Fishes From Sichuan,With Description of A New Species Ⅰ.Paracobitis,Nemacheilus and Oreias (Cypriniformes:Cobitidae)
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Abstract PDF
The Studies of the Population Number and Structure of Cabot's Tragopan (Tragopan caboti)
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1990, 11(4): 291-297.
Abstract PDF
Study of Breeding Ecology of Himalayan Snow Cock,Tetraogallus himalayensis
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1990, 11(4): 299-302.
Abstract PDF
Preliminary Investigation on Communication Behavior of Rhesus Monkey Macaca mulatta in Filed
JIANG Hai-sheng, FENG Ming, LIN Shu-ran
1990, 11(4): 303-309.
Abstract PDF
A Preliminary Study on The Reproductive Ecology of Black-Headed Gull
LI Weng-fa, ZHAO He-sheng, LUAN Xiao-feng
1990, 11(4): 310-316.
Abstract PDF
A Study of the Oviposition Biology of White Wax Insect Ericerus pe-al (Chavannes)
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1990, 11(4): 311-315.
Abstract PDF
Studies on Geographical Distribution,Ecology and Habits,Role in Malaria Transmission and Method of Control of Anopheles kunmingensis
DONG Xue-shu, WANG XUE-zhong, ZHANG Guo-cai, LU Yong-rong
1990, 11(4): 317-311.
Abstract PDF
A New Fluorescent Progesterone Conjugate For Detection of Progesterone Receptors in The Chick Oviduct
REN Hui-min, WANG Bao-hua, QIAN Pei-hua, ZHANG Shen-geng
1990, 11(4): 325-329.
Abstract PDF
Studies on The Thrombin-Like Principles of Agkistrodon acutus Venom Ⅲ.Studies on Hemostatic Effect of Hemocoagulase
HE Li-feng, XIAO Chang-hua, DONG Fu-ming, YANG Lian-xi
1990, 11(4): 331-335.
Abstract PDF
Studdies on The Influence of Season and Low Temperature on ATPase Activity of Bufo gargarizans Muscular Tissue
ZHENG Yuan-lin, LIU De-ming
1990, 11(4): 337-341.
Abstract PDF
Observation on Micronuclei of Immature Germ Cells in Seminal Fluid of Infertile Man
XIONG Xi-kum, SHI Li-ming
1990, 11(4): 343-348.
Abstract PDF
Studies on C-,Ag-Banding Chromosomes and Meiotic Synaptonemal Compiex of Tilapia nilotica
WANG Rui-fang, MA Kun, SHI Li-ming, HE Wei-shun
1990, 11(4): 349-354.
Abstract PDF
Diel Activity Patterns of Two Female Small Indian Mongooses (Herpestes auropunctatus) in Relation to Weather
Steven W.Buskirk, WU De-lin, Arthur Cleveland
1990, 11(4): 355-357.
Abstract PDF