1990 Vol. 11, No. 4

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The blood vessels of the eye,gas bladder and kidney of Ophiocephalus argus Cantor have been studied,using the corrosion casting technique,Methyl methacrylate was chosen the casting agent.The architecture of the blood vessels are observed under the microscope and scanning electron microscope.All the vasculature in these regions has been described in detail.
This paper deals with the descriptions of two new species of Eupedes collected from Qingchengshan of Sichuan Province.The subdivision of the genus Eupeodes and the nomenclature of the male genitalia are based on Vockeroth (1969) system,all described species in this paper belong to the subgenus Eupeodes s.str.Type specimens are deposited in the insect collection of Shanghai Agricultural College.
This paper deals with five new species of the genus Chrysopilus Macquart (Rhagionidae,Diptera) from Yunnan Province.The types of new species are kept in the Insect Collections of Beijing Agricultural University.
The paper dealt with a new species and a key to the five know species of loaches of the subfamily Nemacheilinae from Sichuan Province,China.
The population number,seasonal flunctuation,the sexual ratio and the age structure of Tragopan caboti were analized based on the data obtained from 1983 to 1986 in Wu Yan Ling Reserve,Zhejiang Province.The mapping method and the line transect were used in the census.It is conclused that the number of wild Tragopan caboti are about 50 in winter in Wu Yan Ling Reserve.The sexes and ages of the population of Cabots Tragopan are different:female is about 49.23%,male 50.68%,adult 98.49% and young 21.15%.The proportions of the young birds are related to the sexual ratio of adults in the specific samples in some way.The clutch size is 3.5,hatching ratio are very low,but the loss ratio of eggs are incredible high in breeding season.The Tragopan cabotis population had obvious seasonal fluctuation in Wu Yan Ling Reserve.The population number is the lowest in winter,the highest in later breeding season.The main reason for fluctuation may be the hatching and the death of the young birds.It is suggest that the key to prevent the Tragopan caboti from extinction is to ensure the hatching ratio and the survival rate of young birds in the wild.
The study of breeding ecology of the Himalayan Snow Cock,Tertaogallus himalayensis,was carried out in the Lenglong Mountain,the Yema Mountain and the Dongda Mountain of Gansu,from April 1984 to May 1988.
This paper report the preliminary investigation on communication behavior of rhesus monkey in field.The macaques were relaxed on normal state,and sometimes they made a kind of normal call.The call of adult female was "hè" with max vibrating peak frequency Fmax being 900 Hz,and the call of infant was "ēn" with Fmax being 1000 Hz.The frightened call of adult female and infant was "kě" and "giè" with Fmax being 550 Hz and 350 Hz.The frightened female monkey opened her eyes wide and her facial expression was nervous.Comparing with normal call,the range of best frequency BF was smaller,Fmax was lower,and the time of one syllable was shoter in frightened call.
In this paper the writers reported that the biological habit of oviposotion of white wax insect in China.The notable characteristics is that the female eggs are laid in earlier stage and the male eggs in late stage.
A.kunmingensis was described by Dong et Wang in 1985.During the period 1986-1988,a series of studies were carried out to clarify its geographical distribution,ecology and habits,role in malaria transmission as well as measuree mosquitoes of which it occurred to the north of 24°N latitude with an elevation above 1600 m.Rice padddies,ponds and ditches were the chief habitats of larvae.Resting places of imagoes were frequently inside houses,amounting to 81.1% of the total of house-resting Anopheles.In November to the first tenday period of January every year,and no more occurred below 1600 m.By the use of precipitin tests,the origin of ingested blood in the stomach of houseresting A.kunmingensis was 75.6% indicative of human origin.The seasonal fluctuation of the density of the species was in agreement with the malaria incidence curve of the locality surveyed.This species was sensitive to P.vivax,natural sporozoite rate of 0.104%.From the above-mentioned studies the writers come to the conclusion that A.kunmingensis is an important vector in 1600 m.Conventional residual spray of insecticides is effective in control of this vector.
6S (α-amino propioni acid)-fluorescein isothiocyanate-progesterone conjugate (6NHPF) was prepared by the method of chemical synthesis and it was used for detection of progesterone receptors (PR) in the chick oviduct.The results have shown that PR exist in the nuclei of luminal epithelium but neither in the smooth muscle and nor in the excretive and reproductive cavity,Furthmore,taking progesterone or intermediate compound of fluorescent progesterone conjugate as PR competitors,the fluorescent progesterone conjugate was effectively competed in the neighbouring sections.Therefore,this new,hydrophious,small moleculer fluorescent progesterone conjugate was proved specifically combined with progesterone receptors.
Thrombin-like enzymes (TLE[3],TLE[4]) had been isolated and purified from the venom of Agkistrodon acutus.With 2-3 NIH units/kg in vivo the result showed that the blood coagulation time of rabbits was shortened in 1/3-1/2.In vivo eyperiments (2NIH or 3NIH/kg) after 1 hr TLE began to show effect,after 2-4 hr the effect was most strong,after 12 hr there was no effect.The properties of TLE is similar to hemocoagulase from venom Bathrope jararaca.The experiments showed that TLE 3 and 4 of A.acutus can used as hemostatic agents.
This paper studies the myosin Ca++-ATPase activity of Bufo gargarizans cardiac muscles and gastrocnemius muscles.The experimental results imply that the changes of myosin Ca++-ATPase activity of B.gargarizans cardiac muscles and gastrocnemius muscles take place depending on the active law of theirs in different season,and artifical low temperature has no effect on above changes.In addition,the myosin Ca++-ATPase activity of cardiac muscles is consistently higher than of gastrocnemius muscles in different season.These changes of Ca++-ATPase activity are important for physiological actions.
The immature germ cells of human semen were used for study of the relation between chromosomal damage and male infertility.Semen samples are collected from 31 infertile men and 5 fertile donors.The results show that the micronucleus (MN) frequency of 9 cases are statistically higher than that of control group.The highest MN frequency is 122‰ and the lowest is 16‰ in 20 cases.In other 11 cases which are azoospermia or polyspermia,we have not observed the MN for lack of immature germ cell in the semen.The high MN frequency invariably accompanied the non-disjunction of meiosis and high frequency of diploid and tetraploid spermatids or sperm.Our results also indicate that the increase of micronuclei is a possible factor of male infertility.The use of MN as an indicator of genotoxic exposure of man is also discussed.
C-,Ag-banding chromosomes and synaptonmal complex (SC) of Tilapia nilotica have been reported.The conventional karyotype of Tilapia nilotica consists of 22 pairs of chromosomes and can be classified into three groups;4 pairs are submetacentric (Nos.6,8,15,21);17 pairs subtelocentric (Nos.2,3,4,5,7,9,10,11,12,13,14,16,18,19,20,22) and a pair telocentric (No.1).The C-bands located mainly at the centromeric regions and Nos.6,8,15 chromosomes have been darkly stained on the short arm Two to six NORs are distributed on the short arm of submetacentric (Nos.6,8,15).Twenty-two SC are formed during the pacytene stage and no heteromorphic chromosomes have been found.The SC karyotype of Tilapia nilotica also has been constructed.