The Major Characteristics of Musculature on The Upper and Lower Limbs in Francois' and Phayre's Leaf Monkeys
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Abstract PDF
A Comparative Study on The Growth of Long Bones in M.thibetana and M.mulatta
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Abstract PDF
Arterial System of Erancois'and Phayre's Leaf Monkeys
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Abstract PDF
Electron Microscopic Observations on The Synaptonemal Complex in Spermatocytes of The Tree Shrew (Tupaiabelangeri Chinensis)
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Abstract PDF
The Investigation on Parasites in Rhesus Monkey From Wild-Caught in South China
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Abstract PDF
Study on Cultivation of Albino monkey (Macaca mulatta) Ⅰ.Study on Genetic Background of Albino Monkey
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1989, 10(zk): 35-38.
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The Investigation on Hematologic and Hemachemical Parameters of three species in Macaca
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Abstract PDF
Relationship Between Tooth and Cranial Length in Phayre's Leaf Monkey
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Abstract PDF
The Breeding Study on Laboratory Rhesus Monkeys
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Abstract PDF
The Studies on Ecology in Hylobates leucogenys
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Abstract PDF
Research on The Piebaldism of Tree Shrews Breeding in The Captivity
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Abstract PDF
A Comparative Study of Lactate Dehydrogenase (LDH) Isozymes in Yunnan and Guangxi Tree Shrews
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Abstract PDF
Restriction Maps of Mitochondrial DNA of Slow Loris and Tree Shrew
ZHANG Ya-ping, ZHANG Bing, SHI Li-ming
1989, 10(zk): 79-89.
Abstract PDF
Investigation of Parasites on Chinese Tree Shrews
TIAN Bao-ping, PEN Yian-zhang, HOU Yi-di
1989, 10(zk): 90-110.
Abstract PDF
Climate,Vegetation and Topography of The Slope Habitat of Macaca thibetana at Mt.Emei.China
ZHAO Qi-kun, XU Jie-mei, DENG Zi-yun
1989, 10(zk): 91-100.
Abstract PDF
A Micro-Quantitative Analysis of Types of Residuary Diets Among Excrements of A Group of Rhinopithecus Bieti in Snowing Season
WU Bao-qi, HE Shun-jing
1989, 10(zk): 101-109.
Abstract PDF
The Feed Contained Different Proteints Influences the Nitrogen Balance in Tree Shrews
LU Jin-ming, ZOU Ru-jin, JI Wei-zhi, XIE Yun-hua, YAN Ye WEI Yun-zhen
1989, 10(zk): 111-117.
Abstract PDF
The Computer System Used in Primate Brain Research
FAN Ji-rui, MIAO Ying-da, MA Yuan-ye, CAI Jing-xia, XU Lin, XIAO Kun-yuan
1989, 10(zk): 118-150.
Abstract PDF
Preliminary Study on The Group Composition,Behavior and Ecology of The Black Gibbons (Hylobates concolor) in Southwest Yunnan
LAN Dao-ying
1989, 10(zk): 119-126.
Abstract PDF
Nursery-Rearing of Infant Rhesus Monkeys(Macaca mulatta)
YANG Sen-fu, LI Shao-dong, DUAN Xing-sheng
1989, 10(zk): 127-132.
Abstract PDF
Gross Morphological and Histological Characteristics of The Alimentary System in Tupaia belangeri chinensis
WANG Hong, YE Zhi-zhang, PENG Yan-zhang, PAN Ru-liang
1989, 10(zk): 133-142.
Abstract PDF
Comparative Study on Contents of Lactate Dehydrogense Isozymes From Normal Serums of Four Taxa in The Genus Macaca
WANG Gui-lan, TANG Cheng-kui, XU Jin-ju
1989, 10(zk): 143-149.
Abstract PDF
Investigation of Infected State of Balantidium coli in Rhesus Monkey Groupos
HOU Yi-di
1989, 10(zk): 151-155.
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