Effect of Geological Vicissitude on Orignation of Termite from Yunnan,China
ZHU Shi-mo, HUANG Fi-sheng
1989, 10(1): 1-8.
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Studies on The Karyotypes of Birds Ⅳ.10 Species of Charadriiformes (Aves)
BIAN Xiao-Zhouang, LI Qing-wei, ZHANG Heng-Qing
1989, 10(1): 9-14.
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Seasonal Changes in Spermatogenesis of Tree Shrew (Tupaia Belangeri Chinensis)
CAO Xiao-mei
1989, 10(1): 15-21.
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Long Bone and Skeletal Allometry in Rhinopithecus
PAN Pu-liang, WANG Hong, N.G.Jablonski
1989, 10(1): 23-30.
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Inhibitory Effects of The Elapidae Venoms in The Mice's Sarcoma 180 Ehrilich Ascititers Carcenoma
XIONG Yu-liang, WANG Wan-yu, YANG Chang-jin, TIEN Yun-fen
1989, 10(1): 31-35.
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Two New Species of Genus Goniodes From China Pheasants (Mallophaga:Philopteridae)
LIU Si-kong
1989, 10(1): 37-43.
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A Description of New Species of Trichocephalus (Trichocephalidae,Trichocephalata) From The Golden Monkey,Rhinopithecus Bieti
HOU Yi-di, PENG Yan-zhang
1989, 10(1): 45-50.
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Effect of Temperature on The Development of Woolly Apple Aphip,Eriosoma Lanigerum (Hausm.)
YU Bo, KUANG Rong-ping, SHAN Fang, TANG Ye-zhong, ZHONG Ning
1989, 10(1): 51-56.
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Studies on Colony structure and Life Cycle of The Spined ant,Polyrhchis Vicina Roger
1989, 10(1): 57-63.
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Studies on The Calypterate flies in West Sichuan,China.Ⅳ.Preliminary observation on The Diurnal and Nocturnal Activity of Musca domestica Linnaeus in Yaan
1989, 10(1): 65-69.
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Comparative Studies on The karyotypes of Three Species of Nematodes in The genus Neoaplect ana
WANG Guo-han, LUO Jun-lie, WANG Zheng-sun
1989, 10(1): 71-77.
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A preliminary study of biological characteristics in Pardosa astrigera
DAN Yan-ping, WEI Xiao-e
1989, 10(1): 79-83.
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