Studies on the Karyotypes of Birds Ⅱ.The 19 Species of 12 Families of Passerine Birds (Passeriformes,Aves)
LI Qing-wei, BIAN Xiao-zhuang
1988, 9(4): 321-326.
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A New Present-Day Ancestor Method for Constructing Phylogenetic Trees Taking Account of the Coincidence Between Homologous Molecules of the Species being Studied and of the Reference Species
LI Jing-yan
1988, 9(4): 327-334.
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Relations Between Nuclear and Cytoplasm in The Development of Gynogenetic haploid of Rana limnocharis
WU Zhong-qing
1988, 9(4): 335-342.
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A New Karyotype of Muntjac (Muntiacus sp.) From Gongshan County in China
SHI Li-ming, MA Cai-xia
1988, 9(4): 343-347.
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Preliminary Study on Peroxidase Isozyme of Four Species of Pamphagidae (Orthoptera)
1988, 9(4): 348-394.
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A Study on Three-Dimensional Reconstruction of Brain Structure of the Tree Serew (Tupaia belongeri chinensis) Ⅲ.The Solid Figures of the brain by Computer Aided Graphics
WANG Duo-jiang et al.
1988, 9(4): 349-356.
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The Research of 5S rRNA Molecular Evolution
HUANG Jing-fei
1988, 9(4): 357-372.
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A Preliminary Survey of Ecology and Behavior on A Yunnan Snub-Nosed Monkey (Rhinopithecus bieti) Group
WU Bao-qi, ZHONG Tai, WU Ji
1988, 9(4): 373-384.
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The Mandibules of Phayrei's and Francois' Leaf Monkeys
PAN Ru-liang, PENG Yan-zhang, YE Zhi-zhang, WANG Hong
1988, 9(4): 385-393.
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Effect of Mean Density and Aggregation of the Woolly Apple Aphid (Eriosoma lanigerum Hausm.) on Parasitism Percentage of Aphelinus mali Haldeman
ZHONG Ning, KUANG Rong-ping, SHAN Fang, TANG Ye-zhong, YU Bo
1988, 9(4): 395-400.
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Studies on the Primary Biological Characteristic,and Their Predication of Four species of the sumac Gall-Aphids on Rhus chinensis
TIAN Ze-jun, PAN Guang-quan, PAN Yan-zhen, ZOU Zun-xian, LU Hang-yu, DAI Chao-yong
1988, 9(4): 401-408.
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Notes on new Species of March-Flies From Yunnan
LUO Ke, YANG Chi-kun
1988, 9(4): 409-418.
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Four new Species of the Genus Hepialus (Ghost Moth) From Yunnan,China
LIANG Xing-chai, YANG Da-rong, SHEN Fa-rong, LONG Yong-chen, YAN Yao-xiong
1988, 9(4): 419-425.
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Trypsin Inhibitor in Hydrophis cyanocinctus Venom
ZHUO Zhao-wen, CHENG Ming-zhe et al., PANG Fu-xiong, WU Shi-hai et al.
1988, 9(4): 426-436.
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Descriptions of Four new Species of Anthomyiidae From Guizhou Province,China (Diptera)
WEI Lian-meng
1988, 9(4): 427-435.
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Preliminary Study of Hemocytology in Rhinopithecus bieti
YE Zhi-zhang, PENG Yan-zhang, PAN Ru-liang, WANG Hong
1988, 9(4): 437-438.
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Three Cyprinid Fishes new to Chinese Fauna
, , ,
1988, 9(4): 439-440.
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