Electron Microscopic Observation on Annulate Lamellae During Oogenesis in Goldfish (Carassius Auratus)
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1988, 9(3): 209-215.
Abstract PDF
Habit and Breeding of Chinese Crowtit Arovnd Lianyvn Gang
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Abstract PDF
Studies on the Population Ecology of the Chinese Crowtit
MA Shi-quan
1988, 9(3): 217-224.
Abstract PDF
Studies on the Silver-Stained Karyotypes of 7 Species in Cyprinidae (Pisces)
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The Determination of the Piasm Fibrinogen in Cervus nippon and Cervus eiaphus
, ,
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Hybridization and Chromosome Observations on six Species of the Anopheles hyrcanus Group in China (Diptera:Culicidae)
MIAO Jian-wu, PAN Jia-fu, JIANG Wen-bin
1988, 9(3): 231-237.
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The Classification and Phyloceny of Snub-Nosed Monkey (Rhinopithecus spp.) Based on Gross Morphological Characters
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1988, 9(3): 239-248.
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The ultrastructure of Leishmania gerbilli
WU Chuan-fen, LI Jing-yan
1988, 9(3): 249-254.
Abstract PDF
Discussion on Survey of the Birds From south Ailau Mountain,Yunnan
ZHENG Bao-lai
1988, 9(3): 255-261.
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Preliminary Observation on Chromosomal Aberrations of Bone Marrow Cells of Rats Induced by Yunnan tin ore Powder
HE Wei-shun, LIU Ai-hua et al., ZHAO Cui-fen, SUN La-hua et al.
1988, 9(3): 263-268.
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Preliminary Studies on the Basic Proteins in Nuclear Chromatin and Kinetoplast of Leishmania gerbilli
ZHANG Jian-wen, LI Jing-yan
1988, 9(3): 269-275.
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Studies on the Hemagram and Myelogram of Pig-Tailed Macaque (Macaca nemestrina)
ZHANG Yao-ping, WANG Jing-song, YAN Qing-ming et al.
1988, 9(3): 277-283.
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An Application of Isoelectric Focusing Electrophoreis to the study of Biochemical Classification of Haemadipsa
, ,
1988, 9(3): 284-300.
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The Intrinsic Rate of Increase of Population of Woolly Apple Aphid,Eriosoma lanigerum (Hausm.)
SHAN Fang, KUANG Rong-ping
1988, 9(3): 285-290.
Abstract PDF
Effect of the Natural en Emies on the Natural Population of Masson-Pine Cater,Pillar Dendrolimus punct atus Walker
KUANG Rong-ping, SHI Zong-mei, HUANG Yin-gui
1988, 9(3): 291-299.
Abstract PDF
The Morphology of Termite (Isoptera) and its Taxonomic System
HUANG Fu-sheng, ZHU Shi-mo, LI Gui-xiang
1988, 9(3): 301-307.
Abstract PDF
Teree new Species of Protura From Sichuan Province
TANG Bo-wei, YIN Wen-ying
1988, 9(3): 309-315.
Abstract PDF
Two New Species Belonging to Tribe Calliphorini from Yunnan,China (Diptera:Calliphoridae)
CHEN Zhi-zi, LI Fu-hua, CHANG Chong-jun
1988, 9(3): 317-320.
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