Observations on Chromosomes and Nucleoli,Micronucleoli of Meiotic Prophase in Human Oocytes
LIU Rui-qing, SHI Li-ming, CHEN Yu-ze
1987, 8(3): 209-212.
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Taxonomic Research on Burma-Chinese tree Shrew,Tupaia belangeri (Wagner),from Southern China
WANG Ying-xiang
1987, 8(3): 213-230.
Abstract PDF
Reproduction in Tree Shrew (Tupaia belangeri chinensis)
ZOU Ru-jing, JI Wei-zhi, SHA Ling-li, LU Jin-ming, YAN Ye, YANG Ke-qin
1987, 8(3): 231-237.
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Two Species are First Reported in China (Diptera:Calliphoridae)
LIANG Xing-chai
1987, 8(3): 238-238.
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A Study of bird Predation on pine Caterpillar Larvae in the Artificial Masson's pine Plantation in Northern Zhejiang
CHU Guo-zhong
1987, 8(3): 239-250.
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A Preliminary study on Locust-Eating Birds in Xinjiang
HUANG Ren-xin, XIANG Li-gai
1987, 8(3): 251-260.
Abstract PDF
Phylogeny of the Cyprinid genus Anabarilius (Pisces:Cyprinidae)
YANG Jun-xing, CHU Xin-luo
1987, 8(3): 261-276.
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A Taxonomic study on the Chinese Icefishes of the Genus Neosalanx (Pisces:Salangidae),With Description of A New Species From the Lake Taihu
ZHANG Yu-ling
1987, 8(3): 277-286.
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Some Biochemical Changes During the Early Development of Aristichthys nobilis
LIU Rong-zhen, WANG Hao
1987, 8(3): 287-294.
Abstract PDF
r-GT Enzyme Activity and Location of Liver and Lung During Development of RAT
WANG De-ching, YANG Shu-zhen, JIN Sho-wlin
1987, 8(3): 295-301.
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A Preliminary Determination of Biochemical Components of Haemadipsa yanyu anensis
, , ,
1987, 8(3): 302-310.
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Screening Selected Decayed Woodflours by Some Edible-Fungi for the Attraction to Termites
GAO Dao-rong, ZHU Ben-zhong, WANG Li-zhong, XUE Yi-chen
1987, 8(3): 303-309.
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The Effect of Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (hcG) on the Thyroid of Bullfrog,Quail and RAT
1987, 8(3): 311-319.
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Comparative study on some Utility Characters of White wax Scale Produced in Several Different Locations of Sichuan,China
WU Ci-bin, WANG Yi-ding, LING Yi-zhong, CHEN San
1987, 8(3): 321-328.
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The Effect of Different Temperatre on the Initial Colony of Odontotermes formosanus (Shiraki)
YIAO Chi-zhen, LU Li-mei, XIAN Zi-yuan
1987, 8(3): 329-333.
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A New Records of Chinese Longicorn Beeties
HUA Li-zhong
1987, 8(3): 334-334.
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An Investigation of the Distribution of Sarus Crane in Yunnan Province,China
1987, 8(3): 338-338.
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