Three new Species of new Genus Sinonasutitermes of Subfamily Nasutitermitinae From China (Isoptera:Termitidae)
LI Gui-xiang, PING Zheng-ming
1986, 7(2): 89-98.
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A Study of Genus Micrapis (Apidae)
WU Yan-ru, KUANG Bang-yu
1986, 7(2): 99-102.
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Studies on Susceptibility of Seven Laboratory Animals to Leishmania gerbilli Wang,Qu & Guan 1964
GUAN Li-ren, YANG Yuan-qing, XU Yong-xiang, JIN Chang-fa
1986, 7(2): 103-107.
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Observations on the Food Apus pacificus Pacificus of Lianyungang
1986, 7(2): 108-176.
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The Establishment of the Black Muntjac (Muntiacus crinifrons) cell Line and its Growth and cytogenetic Characters
DUAN Xing-sheng, LIU Rui-qing, LIU Ai-hua, LIN Shi-ying
1986, 7(2): 109-114.
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Vertical Distribution of Birds in Taibai Shan,Qinling Mountain
YAO Jian-chu, ZHENG Yong-lie
1986, 7(2): 115-138.
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Notes on New Species of Urochela Dallas and Urostylis Westwood From Yunnan (Heteroptera:Urostylidae)
REN Shu-zhi
1986, 7(2): 139-146.
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Study on Fauna of the Moths in Lushan
FANG Yu-qing
1986, 7(2): 147-154.
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On the Ecology and Behaviour of the Marsh tits in Changbai Mountains
SONG Yu-jun, ZHANG Xing-lu
1986, 7(2): 155-160.
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Preliminary Analysis on the Bird Community of the Evergreen Broadleaf Forests in the ailao Mountain,Yunnan Province
WANG Zhi-jun
1986, 7(2): 161-166.
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Study of System and Distribution of Chinese Takin (Budorcas taxicolor Hodgson,1850)
WU Jia-yan
1986, 7(2): 167-175.
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Microcells,Their Preparation and Biological Characteristics
SHAN Xiang-nian, HE Lin, WANG Shi-jun
1986, 7(2): 177-182.
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Studies on the Karyotypes of Chinese Cyprinid Fishes Ⅹ.Karyotypes of Five species of Barbinae and Four Species of Gobioninae
LI Yu-cheng, LI Kang, JIANG Jian-qiao, SUN Qing-ping, ZHOU Tun
1986, 7(2): 183-189.
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Research and Discussion of the Birds'Environments Change With Variation Analysis at Menghal and Another Cultivated Areas in Xishangbanna,Yunnan Province
PAN Ru-liang
1986, 7(2): 190-202.
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On the Pharyngeal Bones and Teeth of Leuciscinae Fishes (Cyprinidae)
CHEN Xin-yu
1986, 7(2): 191-196.
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The Evolutionary Relationship of Tupai as Viewed From the Interspecific Molecular Hybridization of Hemoglobin
ZHANG Bei, LIU Zu-dong
1986, 7(2): 197-201.
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One new Species of the Genus Pandelleana From Sichuan,China (Diptera:Sarcophagidae)
XUE Wan-qi, FENA Yan, LIU Gui-lan
1986, 7(2): 203-206.
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