A New Aedes of Subgenus Finlaya Rom Yunnan,China
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1986, 7(1): 1-4.
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Preliminary Studies on the Bird Community in Human Habitation of Tumen River Basin of Wood Regions
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The Simplified Scanning Electron Microscopic Method for Hard Integument of Animals and insects
LU Bao-lian
1986, 7(1): 14-20.
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Inhibitory Effects of Peritoneal Macrophages on Mice Activated by S-O2-1 Bacterial Vaccine on S180 Tumor Cells Ⅱ.Winn neutralization test and microscopic observation
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1986, 7(1): 15-19.
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An Analysis of Electrocardiogram of 38 Normal Adult Rhesus Monkeys
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1986, 7(1): 21-26.
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Observations on the Mating Behavior of Anopheles Dirus Peyton & Harrison,1979 Under Laboratiory Condition
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The Community of Intestinal Flagellates and its Significance in the Classification of Their Host Termites
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1986, 7(1): 33-38.
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Action of Cytochalasin D on Cells of Mouse Mammary Adenocarcinoma Cell Line (MA782/5S-8102)
WANG Gui-ying, HU Jie-yu, YAN Yu-juan
1986, 7(1): 39-45.
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Area of the Northeastern Anshan in 41°10′ North Latitude Find the Chinese White-Wax Scale Insect,Ericerus pela Chavannes,Natural Species Group
1986, 7(1): 46-46.
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The Normal Myelogram in Tupaia belangeri chinensis and its Features
ZHANG Yao-ping, PENG Yan-zhang, YE Zhi-zhang
1986, 7(1): 47-52.
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Properties of Phosphodiesterase of Agkistrodon Halys (Pallas) Venom (From Zhejiang Province) and its Actions on Both Rna and DNA
DUAN Zhi-zhong, TU Guang-chou
1986, 7(1): 53-58.
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Studies on Cerebral Blood Flow Measurement in the Rhesus Monkey by Inhalation of 133Xe
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A New Species of Schizothoracid Fishes From Sichuan,China (Cyprinifomes:Cyprinidae)
YE Miao-rong, FU Tian-you
1986, 7(1): 65-68.
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Cytological Observation on Spermatogenesis in the Tree Shrew (Tupaia belangeri chinensis)
CAO Xiao-mei
1986, 7(1): 69-77.
Abstract PDF
Systematic Status of the Genus Luciocyprinus and its Specific Differentiation (Pisces:Cyprinidae)
CUI Gui-hua, CHU Xin-luo
1986, 7(1): 79-84.
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ЧИСЛО ПЕРЬЕВУ Tetraophasis obscurus И Lophophorus lhuysii
SHI Dong-chou
1986, 7(1): 85-87.
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