On five New Species and Subspecies of the Genus Schizothorax Heckel From Yunnan,China
HUANG Shun-you
1985, 6(3): 209-217.
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Observations on Effect of Morphine and Diazepam on the Single unit Activity in Prefrontal Cortex of Conscious Rhesus Monkeys
, ,
1985, 6(3): 218-226.
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Toxicity Study on CoQ10 and its Stimulant Effect on the Formation of Plaque-forming Cells
HU Jun, XU Yi-sheng, ZHANG Han-yun, LI Chao-da
1985, 6(3): 219-225.
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Study on the Reproductive Property of Gambusia Affinis
ZHENG Wen-biao, PAN Jiong-hua
1985, 6(3): 227-231.
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Two New Species of Anthomyiidae From Henan Province (Diptera)
GE Feng-xiang, LI Shu-jian
1985, 6(3): 232-242.
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On A New Species of Macrotermes (Isoptera:Termitidae)
ZHU Jian-lin, LUO Pei-lie
1985, 6(3): 233-238.
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A New Genus of Acrididae From Yunnan
LIU Ju-peng
1985, 6(3): 239-241.
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A New Flea From the Golden Monkey Rhinopithecus bieti Milne-Edwards From Northwestern Yunnan
LI Gui-zhen
1985, 6(3): 243-248.
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Four new Species and A New Record of Berberentomidae (Protura) From Yunnan
YIN Wen-ying
1985, 6(3): 249-257.
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Studies on Experimental Infection of Tree Shrew With Herpes Simplex Virus Type Ⅱ
DAI Chang-bo et al.
1985, 6(3): 258-276.
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Observations on Fiber Cotent of the Nerve Innervating Submandibular Gland and its Preganglionic Neurons in the Brainstem of the cat
JIANG Lian-hai, JIANG Zhi-hua, SHEN E
1985, 6(3): 259-264.
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Inhibitory Effects of Peritoneal Macrophages of Mice Activated by S-O2-1 Bacterial Vaccine on S180 Tumor Cells Ⅰ.The Cytotoxic effect and scanning electron microscopic observation
YU Jian, LI Jun-ying
1985, 6(3): 265-270.
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Two New Species of Ergasilidae (Parasitic Copepoda) From China
KUANG Pu-ren, QIAN Jin-hui
1985, 6(3): 271-275.
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The Chief Characteristics of the Alimentary System of Rhinopithecus
YE Zhi-zhang, PENG Yan-zhang, ZHANG Yao-ping
1985, 6(3): 277-285.
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The Breeding Ecology of Grey-backed Thrush
1985, 6(3): 286-286.
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Studies on Esterase Isoenzymes in Attacus Cynthia Ricini
HUANG Sheng-min, DING Lin-hua, PAN Shu-yin, ZHANG Han-yun, LI Shao-lan, YANG Lian-xi
1985, 6(3): 287-291.
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On the Artificial Breeding Experiment of the Black-Necked Crane
LU Zong-bao, JI Ming-zhou, YAN Xian
1985, 6(3): 292-292.
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Study on Anticoagulant Mechanism of an Anticoagulation Principle of Agkistrodon halys Pallas Venom From Zhejiang Province
TU Guang-chou, YE Wen-juan et al., CHENG Da-wei, ZHANG Wei et al.
1985, 6(3): 293-301.
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