Comparative studies on G and C banded chromosomes of three subspecies of the stump tailed monkey(Macaca speciosa)
Chen yifeng, Luo lihua
1984, 5(zk): 1-6.
Abstract PDF
A Technique for Simultaneously Exhibiting Chromosome Replication Patterns and Late Replicating sex Chromosomes
WANG Jian-hua, ZHANG Xi-ran, CHEN Yu-ze, SHI Li-ming
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Abstract PDF
Cranioracial Morphology of Rhinopithecus
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G-Banding Patterns of High Resolution Chromosomes of Macaca mulatta
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Abstract PDF
Studies on Triploid Silver Carp and its Karyotype
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Abstract PDF
Karyotypes of Nine Species of Chinese Catfishes (Bagridae)
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The Detection of Campylobacter jejuni in Rhesus Monkeys With Diarrhea
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Abstract PDF
Several Biochemical Reference Values in the Laboratory Rhesus Monkeys (Macaca mulatta)
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Cytogenetic Characteristics of two Cell Lines of the Mosquito (Aedes albopictus)
ZHANG Xi-ran, WANG Jian-hua, CHEN Yu-ze, SHI Li-ming
1984, 5(zk): 39-44.
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Comparative Study of Moiré Contour Fringes of the Femoral Articular Facies of Knee Between Cercopithecidae and Hylobatidae
ZHANG Ren-xiang, LAN Zu-yun, QU Wen-ji
1984, 5(zk): 41-44.
Abstract PDF
Karyotype and Chromosome Polymorphism in Eupolyphaga sinensis Walker
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Studies on the Karyotypes of 7 Species of Flies
LING Fa-yao
1984, 5(zk): 51-56.
Abstract PDF
Chromosome Studies of Mammals
CHEN Yi-feng, GUO Jian-min
1984, 5(zk): 52-63.
Abstract PDF
A Preliminary Study on the Chromosome of Marine Bivalve,Mytilus coruscus
BIAN Xiao-zhuang
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Abstract PDF
The Micronucleus Test of Immature Germ Cells in Human Semen--A New Method of Human Cytogenetic Analysis
SHI Li-ming
1984, 5(zk): 61-62.
Abstract PDF
A Chronic Microelectrode Method for Recording of Unit Activity in Awake Tree Shrew (Tupaia belangeri chinensis)
SUN Gong-duo et al., KUANG Pei-zi et al., CAI Jing-xia et al.
1984, 5(zk): 63-69.
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A Comparative of the Karyotypes in Chinense Bream,Herbivorous Bream and Their Hybrid
LIN Yi-hao
1984, 5(zk): 65-66.
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A Comparative Study of the Karyotypes of Three Species of Gobioid Fishes
GUI Jian-fang, LI Yu-cheng, LI Kang, ZHOU Tun
1984, 5(zk): 67-68.
Abstract PDF
The Observation of Time-Mating and Post-Pregnant Vaginal Bleeding in Rhesus Monkeys
QIAN Song-ming
1984, 5(zk): 67-70.
Abstract PDF
Chromosomes and sex Determination of Haemaphysalis inermis (Acari:Ixodidae)
, ,
1984, 5(zk): 69-70.
Abstract PDF
Studies on SV40 in Rhesus Monkeys
ZHAO Mei, YE Meng, QIN Tian-sheng et al.
1984, 5(zk): 71-77.
Abstract PDF
Studies of Karyotypes of Seven Species of Fishes in Barbinae,With A Discussion on Identification of Fish Polyploids
ZAN Rui-guang, SONG Zheng, LIU Wan-guo
1984, 5(zk): 82-90.
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