1984 Vol. 5, No. 1

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Studies on certain indices of the recessive albino monkey show that there is tyrosinase in the hair bulb though it does not perform its function.There is little melanin in its hair too.It seems that albinism has no effect on the growth and development,various indices of blood,rate of chromosomal aberrations and the quality of the seminal liquids of the animal.
Habropoda ventiscopula is described as new to science,the male of Anthophora mangkamensis Wu is further described.
Immediately after its fertilization the ovum of tortoise underwent stages of both segmentation and blastula in the uterine tube of the female.Following the phases of its greatest conspicuousness in young embryos the mesoblastic sac rapidly becomes both relatively and actually smaller.The extraembryonic membranes of the tortoise are four in number,the yolk-sac,the amnion,the serosa,and the allantois.The yolk-sac is the first of these to make its appearance.During the later stage of development,the allantois pushes out of the body of the embryo into the extra embryonic coelem and extends into the sero-amniotic cavity and finally encompasses the embryo and the yolk-sac.When an egg has been laid,development ceases unless the temperature of the egg is kept nearly up to the normal incubative temperature.Moderate cooling of the egg does not,however,result in the death of the embryo.In incubating eggs artificially,the incubators or artificial hotbed are usually regulated for a heat of 33±1 to 35±1℃ and kept up to the relative humidity of 80-84%.Under these conditions the tortoise is ready for hatching on the forty-five to forty-eight days.It is twenty to twenty-five days Less than the period needed for natural incubation.It is of great importance in raising survival rate of fertilized eggs and of equal significance for extending growth period of young tortoise to yearling.
In this paper we present a cell strain (designated KIZ-81A) derived from lung tissue of a young male thfted deer (Elaphodus cephalophus).The aniaml was caught in southern China in 1981.The results obtained from our observations on the biological characteristics of KZI-81A strain are as follows.
This microcomputer method is designed with the Fox model as reference for building 5S Rrna secondary structure.By inputing the nucleotide sequences of 5S Rrna and calculating through the work of the Z-80 microcomputer about 4 minutes,we got the secondary structure with the lowest total free energy,corresponding to the Fox model when only secondary interactions are under consideration.The result is basically in agreement with literature (2,4,5,6,7,8).The method has the advantage of simplicity,low cost and comsuming less time,so,it is a method that can be easily popularized.
A simple cell-synchrohization technique by BrdU treatment in vitro was described in this paper.More prophase and prometaphase cells may be obtained by this technique.The chromosomes revealed distinct R- bands and G- bands on the same preparation after special staining.The different proportion of R- bands and G- bands in 4 species of Mammals (human,red muntjak,black muntjak,and Chinese hamster) have been reported.The technique described her may be of interest as an easy method for inducing banding patterns of chromosomes.