Preliminary Studies on the Ecology of the Golden-Haired Monkey
SHI Dong-chou, LI Gui-hui, HU Tie-qing
1982, 3(2): 105-110.
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Studies on Wax-Secreting Capacity of white Wax Insect (Ericerus pela Chavannes) From Shanxi Province
ZHANG Zi-you, SHAO Meng-ming, MIAO Guang-ya, TANG Yang-nian
1982, 3(2): 111-116.
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Establishment of Chinese Hamster Lung Cell Line and Its Biological Characteristics
CAI You-yu, LI Shu-hua, LUO Hui-yuan
1982, 3(2): 117-122.
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Could Cho Cell in Metaphase Fulfil the Excision Repair on Its Chromosomal DNA?
JIA Xian-li, ZHENG De-cun, CHEN QUE
1982, 3(2): 123-128.
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Effects of Seven Pesticdes on Chromosome Aberration,Sister-Chromatid Exchange and Cell-Cycle Kinetics Change in Cultured Red Muntjac Cells
HE Wei-shun, LIU Ai-hua, BAO Hai-xian, CHEN Yong-gunag
1982, 3(2): 129-136.
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Analysis of Nonhistone Chromosomal Proteins by Two-Dimensional Gel Electrophoresis From Various Ages of Rats
DING Bang-yu, JIANG Wen-chang, ZHOU Bi-hua, YANG Rui-kun
1982, 3(2): 137-140.
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The Analysis of Systolic Time Intervals in 40 Normal Macaca Mulatta Anaesthetized by Phenobarbital Natrii
LI Yun-shan, CHEN Guo-zhen, CHEN Long-shun, LIU Chao-ran
1982, 3(2): 141-144.
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The Effect of the Defibrase of Agkistrodon acutus Venom on Blood Coagulation System in Rabbits Both in Vitro and in Vivo
WANG Wan-yu, XIONG Yu-liang, YANG Chang-jiu, CHANG Hong-ji, XIAO Chang-hua, CHEN Xi-lan et al.
1982, 3(2): 145-152.
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Observation on Four Species of Overwinering Host Eggs of Trichogramma spp.Heberation by Using Scanning Electron Microscope
XIA Bang-ying, WANG Min-hui, XIA Hu-ien, YAN Yu-kun
1982, 3(2): 153-156.
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Studies on the Ultrastructure of the Premature ova of Taeniarhynchus saginatus Goeze, Scanning Electron Microscope
LIU De-shan
1982, 3(2): 157-164.
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Morphology of Nymph and Adult of Leptotrombidium (L.) Striatum
CHEN Xing-bao
1982, 3(2): 165-170.
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Notes on Some Ecological and Faunal Features of Branchiopod Crustacea of the Xizang Plateau
JIANG Xie-zhi
1982, 3(2): 171-184.
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A Priliminary Study on the Biology of Colonizing Flight of Coptotermes formosanus Shiraki
1982, 3(2): 185-192.
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A Study on Chinese Xylocopa With Description of A New Species (Hymenoptera:Apoidea)
WU Yen-ru
1982, 3(2): 193-200.
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Hybrid Cell Lines Secreting Monoclonal Antibodies Against Poliovirus Type 2
GUO Ren, TANG En-hua, JIANG Yun-quan, WEN Yu-ling, LU Feng-ming, LIN Jie-yan
1982, 3(2): 201-208.
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Assay of Normal Values of the Serum Lipids in Macaca mulatta
, , ,
1982, 3(2): 209-212.
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The Preparation of dinoflagellate Chromosomes by Basic Fuchsin Stain
GUO Jiang-min, DING Li-hua, TENG Li-hua
1982, 3(2): 213-214.
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Description of the Male of Eoscyllina kweichowensis Cheng (Orthoptera:Acridae)
1982, 3(2): 215-216.
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