1981 Vol. 2, No. 4

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This paper presents two new species of Lepidotrigla (Triglidae) obtained from the South China Sea.Holotype and paratype specimens are kept the Institue of Zoology,Academia Sinica.A key to the Chinese species of this genus is given in the Chinese text.
The Guizhou Museum has collected silver pheasant specimens from the southern aprt of Guizhou.We have recently examined them and found them to be a new subspecies,which we propose to name as.
Observation were made on the breeding and population of pale-legged willow warbler at Changbai Shan,Jilin Province from May to July of 1946-1965 and 1979-1980.Results obtained are given below.
This paper reports two new species of Tetranychidae from China,one of them belong to Tetranychus and the other Eotetranychus.The type specimens are deposited in the Institute of Zoology,Academia Sinica and Shanghai Agricultural College.
This paper deals with a new genus,Castanocallis Zhang et Zhong gen.nov.including three new species.
The present paper deals with the hitherto unrecorded sex of three species of spiders from China,namely,the female of Xysticus lesserti (Thomisidae),the female of Tmarus orientalis and the male of Chiracanthium Pichoni (Clubionidae).All these species were named by Schenkel in 1963 on single specimen respectively.Up to the present,their corresponding sexes are still unknown.Material examined:Xysticus lesserti,2♀♀,2♂♂,June 25,1978,Sanmen County,Zhejiang Proveince;Tmarus orientalis,1♀,June 20,1977,1♂,June 15,1978,Badaling,Beijing (Peking);Chiracanthium pichoni,1♀,1♂,June 30,1978,Sanmen County,Zhejiang Province.
Male ♂:Closely related to the Northern European species Spilogona trianguligera (Zetterstedt,1838) in general features.But the width of frons in male fairly narrow;free part of anal cercal plate triangular,the branches of which rather short;the fore margin of anal cercus in profile with a wavy outline instead of more regularly curvature as in S.trianguligera.The type specimen is deposited in the Benxi Anti-Epidemic Station,Liaoning Province.
From the venom of O.hannah,seventeen fractions had been isolated by column chromatography on CM-sephadex C25 as previously described.Among the seventeen fractions,fractions 7,8,9 and 11 produced an antidepolarizing neuromuscular block.But they were contaminated with phosphomonoesterase,phosphodiesterase,5-nucleotidase and ribonuclease.After re-chromatography on CM32 and gel filtration on sephadex G50,7-A,8-B,9 and 11 were confirmed to be homogenous by polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis.That si to say,they were free from phosphomonoesterase,etc.We determined the amino acid compositions and N-terminal groups of the four purified fractions.The experiment on rat phrenicdiaphragm and denerved rat diaphragm preparations in vitro and the determination of amino acid compositions suggested that O.hannah venom contained both long neurotoxins and thort noes.The site of action was found to be in the postsynapse instead of the in the presynapse.
After rats being irradiated with 500 rads of [60]Co γ-rays,on the 3rd,9th,15th and 30th day,we used improved Macgillivary (1972) and Fujitoni (1978) method to extract non-histone chromosemal proteins loose combining with DNA (UP) and non-histone chromosomal proteins tightly combning with DNA (UP) in chromatin.On the 3rd day after irradiation,rats liver UP decreased and on the 9th and 15th day UP increased,but it was higher than normal on the 30th day.The liver non-histone chromosomal proteins were isolated by improved O Farrell (1975) method,isoelectric focusing-SDS polyacrylamide gel electro-phoresis,using Coomassie Brilliant Blue R250 for staining.The protein spot products could be obtained with high reproducibility,100-150 protein spots could be seen in UP and 40-60 in NP.At different time after irradiation,the figure of electrophoresis,the range of molecular weight,the Ph gradient were similar to the control.The UP spots with high molecular weight diminished gradually.Spot A cleared up,and low molecular weight parts were increased.NP spots A,C,E darkened progressively,furthermore,new protein spot H appeared and gel plate had something to do with the development of radiation damage.The machanism of irradiation induced cancer and aberration etc.Have been discussed.It has provided an important molecular basis for radiation damage research.