1981 Vol. 2, No. 3

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Rhinopithecus roxellanae (Snub-nosed monkey),is a kind of Old World monkey,belonging to Order primates,Family Cercopithecidae,Subfamily Colobinae.It is stated that this genus includes four species,viz.R.roxellanae,B.bieti,R.brelichi and R.avurculus,distribution in China and North Vietnam.Besides R.avurculus inhabiting North Vietnam,all of them had being considered special kinds in China.It is said that the specimens obtained in South-East Yunnan seems to be of R.avurculus.But somebody,for example Elloit (1913),Ellerman (1961) and Mohnot (1978),take this genus as two specieses and two subspecieses,viz.R.roxellanae roxellanae,R.r.bieti,R.r.brelichi and R.avurculus.We suggest it may well be that own views will be produced for the morphological difference among them and classificatory place based on the articles of dissecting data.
This paper presents descriptions of two new catfishes of the family Akysidae from southern part of Yunnan Province,China.A breif review of the family and a tentative key to species of the genus Akysis are also given.
In this study,the karyotype of Japalura varcoae had been firstly reported.The examined materials are metaphases of the mitosis and meiosis from marrow cells and test tissue,which prepared by colchicine-hypotonic-air drying technique.The karyotype is 2n=12V+22m (V is used for metacentric chromosome of the macrochromosome,m for microchromosome),NF=46 (v have a value of 2,all microchromosomes,regardless of morphology,have a value of 1).The comparison with J.swinhonis and J.polygonata was made.The evolutinary process of karyotypes is discussed.It seems that,in this genus,the number of arms in the karyotype is ver conservative.Hence the Robertsonian translocation,accompanied by centric fusion,may play important role.In the later,the distributed and original center for this generic Lizards have been discussed with the karyotypical data.
The present paper deals with 1 new genus and species from Sichuan and 1 new species from Gansu.All of them belong to Sarcophagini,Sarcophagidae.The types are deposited in the Institute of Microbiology and Epidemiology.
Long-tailed tits (Aegithalos caudatus caudatus Linnaeus) are important insect-eating birds in montane forest.Studies on their breeding behaviour and feeding habits were undertaken from May to June,1963,March to August,1964,December,1964 to January,1965,March to August,1965,June to September,1979,and May to June,1980,in Changbai Shan Mountains,Jilin Province,Results obtained may be summarized as follows.
Observations were made on the breeding behaviour and feeding habits of the Chinese Copper pheasant from October to December,1974 in Xingyi in Southwest Guizhou,from October to December,1975 and from April to June,1980 in Weining in Northwest Cuizhou.Results obtained may be summarized below.
From a survey of monogenetic trematiodes on 26 species of fishes of Kunming Lake (Dianchi) and its nearby lakes,45 species of monogenetic trematodes including one new genus and seven new species are reported.
Altogether five species of trematodes are reported in this paper from shrews of Guizhou Province,four of which are new to sciense.All type materials are deposited in the Department of Parasitology,Guiyang Medical College.
Maytenus hookeri Leos.is a very good anti-cancer medicinal plant,Teinoptila antistatica Meyrick and Xyrosaris sp.are the important insect pests.A study on these insects were carried out during 1976-1978.According to the field observations,these pests have eight to nine generations a year in Hsishuanpanna,Yunnan Province,and both overwinter in the larval stage.The present paper deals with the bionomics of these two insects and the interrelationships with their surroundings,Three available insecticides were tested against the young larvae and eggs.The results showed 80% DDVP emulsion (1:1000-1500) and 90% dipterex (1:500-1000) are more effective.
The present paper describes a new species of Amblyseius collected from Guangdong Province.
Twenty species of gamasid mites found in Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region are reported in this paper.They,including a new species,belong to 10 genera in 5 families.
This paper reports 5 new species and 5 new records of Tetranychidae collected from China.
This paper reports on the autogeny occurring in Phlebotomus chinensis.During the field surveys on the bionomics of P.chinensis in Yi Chuan county,Shanxi province in 1979,it was often found a considerable number of adult females of this fly with fully developed fat bodies upon dissection,4 out of a total of 301 specimens appeared to be autogenie because their ovaries had developed under the conditions of having no blood in their guts but plenty of granules in their accessory glands.According to our laboratory examinations,the newly emerged male and female copulated when they were put together in a small container.Among 4 unfed female sandflies,one laid fertile eggs and the larvae hatched out after 10 days,while the others showed that their ovaries contained mature or nearly mature eggs and their accessory glands were full of granules.In short,the result indicates that the phenomenon of autogeny does exist in the population of P.chinensis.