1980 Vol. 1, No. 3

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Epidermal patterns of digits,palms and soles of 62 monkeys (28 males and 34 females of Macaca mulatta) were examined.We found that there were altogether nine different kinds of pattern types but only four of them,the "primitive","loop","whorl" and "open field" types were the most popular and main ones.The results of this observation were briefly summarized as the following:The patterns of digital tips were almost entirely of the primitive type.
A diploid cell strain (KIZ-7901) of red muntjac (Muntiacus muntjak) has been established in our laboratory.The diploid chromosome number of red muntjac (♂=7,♀=6) is the lowest among all vertebrates,so it is a good assay system for the testing of chemical mutagens.We use N,N-methylene-bis (2-amino-1,3,4-thiadiazole) as the chemical muntagen.The experimental results show that the greater the dosag eof this chemicaluses and the longer the duration of the treatmentlasts,the greater the rates of the sister chromatid exchanges (SCEs) are,especially the frequencies of chromosome aberrations.
This study has introduced a simple microtechnique for obtaining metaphase chromosomes from cardio-blood of living rat.Through repeated experiments,we have confirmed that this culture method is effective and can be used.In the paragraphs of "results" and "discussion",we compared the effect of various factors,including different cultural time,PHA doses,pH values and heparin doses,on cell division and growth.Meanwhile,we have preliminarily determined the division cycle of rat lymphocytes,which is about 16 hours.
Metaphase chromosome specimens were made from leukocyte cultures of a newborn calf according to standard technique.The G-and G-banding petterns were described.These results indicated that the diploid chromosome number of cattle cell is 60.With the exception of the sex chromosome which is submetacentric,all the autosomes appeared to be belocentric.The sister chromatid exchanges were visualized by differential staining with Giemsa.The spontaneous frequencies of SCE in the cells were counted.The mean number of SCE per normal cattle cell is 5.9±1.2.
We fractionated Chinese Guangxi Ophiophagus hannah venom by CM-Sephadex C-25 column chromatography.Linear gradient elution was carried out with NaCl.Seventeen protein peaks were obtained.Their toxicity and physiological activities were estimated.Of the seven toxic peaks,six had the effect of blockading the transmission of neuromuscle juncture.The other one was much less toxic.It didnt show such effect with the same dose.
The head,caudal region and cuticle of adult worms of A.suum were examined with scanning electron microscope,particularly the sense organs were emphasized to view the sutface structure in this study.
A simple,effective and reliable procedure for the preparation of DNA from pupae of silkworm is described.A pure double stranded macro-molecular DNA isolated by this modified procedure was obtained.Analysis of this DNA indicates that it fulfills the desired requirement for molecular genetics study.
Chang Bai Shan is one of the famous mountains in our country.It is situated at 127°56′-128°6′E and 41°58′-42°6′N.The climate and topograph of the region under consideration are very complex.This paper presents the result of my surveys on the vertical distribution of birds in this area during 1962-1966 and 1974-1975.
The work described here was supported by grants to S.J.Leach from the Australian Research Grants Committee;this review was presented on October 16,1979,as a lecture at the Kunming Institute of Zoology of the Academia Sinica,to scientists and research workers from Colleges and Institutes in and around Kunming in Yunnan Province,Peoples Republic of China.
In this paper,two species and a subspecies of Adelgidae from Sichuan,China are described as new.The type specimens are deposited in the Institute of Zoology,Academia Sinica.All the measurements in descriptions are in mm.
The present paper gives the description of a new species of the genus Ishigakia Uchida.
In our recent studies,a new subspecies of Garrulax canorus has been found in the southwestern and western part Yunnan Province.
This report discribes 2 new species of Haematopota,1 new species of Tabanus and 2 males of T.omeishanensis Xu,and T.liangshanensis Xu.All the types are deposited in the Institute of Microbiology & Epidemiology,Academy of Military Medical Sciences,P.L.A.,China.
The tobacco aphid or peach aphid is the major insect pest of tobacco in Yunnan.The present paper deals with life cycle,habits and reproductive capacity of the braconid parasite of aphid (Aphidius gifuensis Ashmead).This parasite completes its life cycle in the laboratory at 25-27℃ between 9-13 days,in which the egg stage 1-2 days,the larval stage 4-5 days,the prepupal stage 1-2 days,and pupal stage 3-4 days.The longevity of adult fed with honey is 9 days.The average number of parasitized aphid was found to be about 127.6 by one female.The number of matural eggs in the ovary is with and average of 169.9,max.433.Liberation of the indigenous braconid parasite of aphid to control the tobacco aphid was proved to be highly effective through the laboratory and field experiments during 1976-1977 in Yuxi.In oder to determine the result of control,about 120,000 of braconid parasite of aphid have been released in 20 Mu of tobacco field in 1978.The result of field test showed that the percentage of parasitization was obviously increased from 0-95%,whereas that the population density of aphid decreased to lower levels after the liberation from 34.3 to 0.1 (average) per plant,and that for the control,the percentage of parasitization was gradully increased from 0.1 to 38.8.Whereas that the population density of the aphid obviously increased,from 33.2-51.2 average per plant,(maximum 440.5).The result was much better than the spraying of the poison,Roger,at a dilution of 1:1000.The mass rear of the Aphidius gifuensis Schmead has been reproted.
The present paper deals with fishes of the genus Anabarilius (Pisces,Cyprinidae),based on a collection in Yunnan province during recent years.The collection consists of 11 species and subspecies,among which 4 species and subspecies are described as new to science.The new forms are diagnosed as follows.