Some Issues in Molecular Systematics
ZHANG Ying-pei
1994, 15(1): 1-10.
Abstract PDF
Relationships Among Species Groups of Varanus From Southern Southeastern Asia With Description of A New Species From Vietnam
YANG Da-tong, LIU Wan-zhao
1994, 15(1): 11-15.
Abstract PDF
Induction of The Differentiation of The Male in Moina irrasa
ZOU En-min
1994, 15(1): 16-22.
Abstract PDF
Three New Species and New Chinese Records of Miridae From Inner Mongolia,China (Hemiptera:Miridae)
Nonnaizab, YANG Yong-qi
1994, 15(1): 17-22.
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Observations on Ultrastructures of Eggshell and Shell Membranes of Eight Species of Galliformes
LIU Nai-fa, GAO Jin-cheng, Lii Bai-nian
1994, 15(1): 23-28.
Abstract PDF
Morphological Descriptions of The Eggs of Five species of Chinese Catantopidae
JIANG Guo-fang, ZHENG Zhe-min
1994, 15(1): 29-32.
Abstract PDF
Polymorphism and Geographic Distribution of Skin Texture of Six Species Amphibians in Hengduan Mountains
YE Chang-yuan, FEI Liang, CHEN Su-wen
1994, 15(1): 33-45.
Abstract PDF
Report on Bucephalidae Trematodes With Discription of One New Species From Coastal Areas of Fujian,China
LIU Sheng-fa
1994, 15(1): 46-48.
Abstract PDF
Feeding Activity of Lady Amherst's Pheasant (Chrysolophus amherstiae) in Captivity
YANG Xiao-jun, WEN Xian-ji, YANG Lan
1994, 15(1): 49-54.
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Studies on The Distribution of The Immunoreactive Neuronal Perikarya and Fibers of The β-Endorphin in The Brains of Tupaia belangeri
LUO Yu-qun, PENG Ning, YANG Wen-guang, ZHANG Wei-jia
1994, 15(1): 55-58.
Abstract PDF
Law of Annual Cycle of Concentration of T[3] T[4] TsH in Cobra Plasma
WU Rui-min
1994, 15(1): 59-64.
Abstract PDF
Studies of Reactive Sensitivity of Cholinesterases From Sciaemidae Fish Muscle To Organophosphate Compoundes
GONG Zhi-hai, QU Bu-hua
1994, 15(1): 65-69.
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An Analysis of Electrocardiogram of 6 Adult Rhinopithecus roxellanae
LIU Shi-feng, WEI Wu-ke, LIU De-qian, GAO Yuan-hong, BI Jie, GUO Fa-ping et al.
1994, 15(1): 70-76.
Abstract PDF
The Hematological and Biochemical Values of The Yunnan Golden Monkeys (Rhinopithecus bieti) in Captive
ZOU Ru-jin, YANG Shang-chuan, JI Wei-zhi, BAO Hai-xian, CHEN Jian-chun, LI Ming
1994, 15(1): 71-75.
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The Use of Improved Penile Electroejaculation in Rhesus,Tibetan and Assamese Macaques and Study on the Parameters of Their Semen
YANG Shang-chuan, JI Wei-zhi, CHEN Jian-chun, SHANG En-yuan, ZOU Ru-jin
1994, 15(1): 77-83.
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The Preparation of A Total Genomic DNA Probe of Giardia lamblia Labelled With Biotin and the Detection of It's Speciality and Susceptivity
LU Si-qi, YAN Ge, WANG Feng-yun, SHAN Ai-lin
1994, 15(1): 85-90.
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