A Tentative Report on the Elecrocardiogram (ECG) Study of Chinese Alligator
RUAN Rong-wen, SONG Ru-gai, ZHANG Zheng-dong
1988, 9(zk)
Abstract PDF
Breeding Ecology and Population Dynamics of Yellow-Rumped Willow Warbler
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1988, 9(zk): 1-6.
Abstract PDF
Study on Transformation of Double Minute Chromosome DNA of L615 Cells
LIU Lian-rui, WANG Hui-peng, FENG Shang, YAN Tao-lan, FENG Zhi-fan
1988, 9(zk): 7-13.
Abstract PDF
Observations on Mating Behavior of white-Naped Cranes in the Wild
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1988, 9(zk): 14-14.
Abstract PDF
Effect of Prostaglandin E2 and F2α on the Level of Haptoglobin in Rabbit
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1988, 9(zk): 15-22.
Abstract PDF
Studies on the Waterfowl of Yunnan Province
YANG Lan, HAN Lian-xian, WANG Shu-zhen, WEN Xian-ji
1988, 9(zk): 23-31.
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The Influence of Temperature on Development and Predation to Larvae of Propylaea japonica (Thunberg)
LEI Zhao-liang, ZONG Liang-bing, YANG Gui-jun, XIAO Chun
1988, 9(zk): 32-50.
Abstract PDF
Studies on Lactate Dehydrogenase Isoenzymes of the Marine Dinoflagellate (Oxyrrhis marina):An Analysis by Agarose gel Electrophoresis
ZHENG Zi-xiu, ZHONG Jin-yan, DING Lin-hua
1988, 9(zk): 33-42.
Abstract PDF
Study on Ecology of Hepialidae Ⅲ.The Overwinter Larva and its Physiological Regulation
YANG Da-rong, SHEN Fa-rong et al., LU Zi, CHUN Shong et al.
1988, 9(zk): 43-49.
Abstract PDF
Studies on the Thrombin-Like Principles of Agkistrodon acutus Venom Ⅰ.Isolation and Purification of its Identification of Physical and Chemical Property
XIAO Chang-hua, HE Li-feng, TAN Shao-zong, YANG Jun-ru, DONG Fu-ming
1988, 9(zk): 51-59.
Abstract PDF
Distribution of acid phosphatase in the popliteal lymph nodes of guinea pigs during the secondary response to horseradish peroxidase(HRP)
Zhen yishou, Qin guoqiang, Xu bing
1988, 9(zk): 60-76.
Abstract PDF
A New Genus and Species of Family Paramphistomatidae From Yunnan China
HUANG De-sheng, XIE Tian-zhen, LI Song-bai, SONG Xue-lin, ZHU Jia-xing
1988, 9(zk): 61-66.
Abstract PDF
An Investigation of Distribution,Number and Food Habit of the Rhinopithecus Bieti
BAI Shou-chang, ZOU Shu-quan et al., TUO Ding, ZHONG Tai et al.
1988, 9(zk): 67-75.
Abstract PDF
A Pharmacokinetic Study of Stancher 125 Ⅰ-Zhi Xue Zu Fen in the Vivo of Animals
DAI Ting-en, WANG Feng et al., XIONG Yu-liang, YANG Shang-chuang et al.
1988, 9(zk): 77-81.
Abstract PDF
The Safety Test of Entomogenous Nematodes,Heterorhbditis Sp,To the Mice
LI Su-chun, CHEN Jian-ping, HUANG Yi-feng et al.
1988, 9(zk): 83-89.
Abstract PDF
Explore of the Numerical Methods on the Phylogeny of the Subfamily Chrysomyiinae (Diptera:Calliphoridae)
LIANG Xing-chai
1988, 9(zk): 91-100.
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