Research on the Ecology of Yunnan Hepialids Ⅰ.Regional and Ecogeographical Distribution
YANG Da-rong, LONG Yong-chen et al., YU Run-qing, LU Zi, Sinajiding
1987, 8(1): 1-11.
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On the Geographical Distribution and Abundance of White Crowned Long Tailed Pheasants in Guizhou Province
WU Zhi-kang, XU Wei-shu
1987, 8(1): 13-19.
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Establishment of Avian Feather Pulp Culture Method and Study on the Cell Division
ZHU Su-tian, LU Qun, XIANG Wei
1987, 8(1): 21-26.
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The Effect of N,N`-Dimethyl Formamide on the Frequency of Micronuclei in Bone Marrow Polychromatic Erythrocytes of Mice
YE Gui-yao
1987, 8(1): 27-32.
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The Microradiologic Anatomical Study of Architecture for the Intracerebral Arteries of dogs
CHEN Yao-ran
1987, 8(1): 33-38.
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Isolation from Narcine timlei Electroplax of Acetylcholine Receptor-Rich Membrane Vesicles
CHEN Shi-ming, CHI Mu-gen, YANG Yi, XU Xiao-shan
1987, 8(1): 39-46.
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Studies on the Pattern of Spatial Distribution of the Ghost Moths' Larvae
LONG Yong-chen, YANG Da-rong et al., SI na-ji-ding, LU Zi et al.
1987, 8(1): 47-54.
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Effect of Continental Drift on Phylogeny of Termites
HUANG Fu-sheng, ZHU Shi-mo, LI Gui-xiang
1987, 8(1): 55-60.
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Notes on cyprinid Fishes of the Subfamily Acheilognathinae from Yunnan China with Description of A New Subspecies
CHEN Yin-rui, LI Zai-yun
1987, 8(1): 61-67.
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Some Medicative Effects of the Toxic Gland's Extract of Scolopendra subspinipes mutilans L.Koch
SHI Yu-liang, JI Yong-hua, WANG Wen-ping
1987, 8(1): 68-76.
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A Preliminary study of the Blood Picture in The Budorcas taxicolor Hodgson
QU Hong, DANG Rui-ye, WANG Qiang, LI Yao-shu
1987, 8(1): 69-75.
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The Descriptions of two new Genera and two new Species of Acrididae From China (Acridoidea:Orthoptera)
YIN Xiang-chu, LI Bao-ping
1987, 8(1): 77-85.
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Observation of Micronuclei in the Mouse bone Marrow Cells and Sister Chromatid Exchanges of the Black Muntjak Fibroblasis Induced by Radiated Chinese Medicines
LIU Rui-qing, WANG Rui-fang, CHEN Yu-ze, SHI Li-ming
1987, 8(1): 86-94.
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Three New Coreids From China (Heteroptera:Core Idea)
1987, 8(1): 87-93.
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Histochemical Localization of γ-Glutamyl Transpeptidase in the Venom Glands of two Species Snakes from two Families
WEI Qi, LI Zhi-shang, ZHU Fang-qi, TENG Yin-fan, DENG Wei
1987, 8(1): 95-99.
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First Record of Subspecies of Timaliinae in China
ZHENG Bao-lai
1987, 8(1): 2006-20.
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