Volume 22 Issue 4
Jul.  2001
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WANG Zhong-Ze, LIANG Xiang-Qiu. A New Species of Caridina from Yunnan,China (Decapoda:Caridea:Atyidae). Zoological Research, 2001, 22(4): 303-306.
Citation: WANG Zhong-Ze, LIANG Xiang-Qiu. A New Species of Caridina from Yunnan,China (Decapoda:Caridea:Atyidae). Zoological Research, 2001, 22(4): 303-306.

A New Species of Caridina from Yunnan,China (Decapoda:Caridea:Atyidae)

  • Received Date: 1900-01-01
  • Rev Recd Date: 1900-01-01
  • Publish Date: 2001-08-22
  • The present paper deals with a new species of Caridina collected from Kunming,Yunnan Province in 1983.Caridina kunmingensis Wang et Liang,sp.nov.Rostrum reaches to the extremity of 2nd segment of the antennular peduncle.The dorsal border bears 11-19 teeth,6-9 of which are situated on the carapace behind orbital margin.The ventral border bears 2-7 teeth.Ultimate segment of 3rd maxilliped is longer than penultimate segment,pemultimate segment and antepenultimate segment are the same in length.Carpus of lst leg is 1.6-1.8 times as long as wide.Chela is 2-2.1 times as long as wide.Carpus of 2nd leg is 4-4.6 times as long as wide,chela is 2.3-2.6 times as long as wide.Propodus of 3rd leg is 2.6-3.7 times as long as dactylus,which bears 6-7 spinules.Propodus of 5th leg is 3.4-4.5 times as long as dactylus,which bears 29-32 spinules. Endopod of lst male pleopod is ovate.The proximal half of the outer margin bears long plumose setae,and the distal half is armed with longer spinules.The appendix masculina of 2nd pleopod is rodshaped,and bears many large spines in inner margin.Remarks:The present new species closely allied to Caridina shilinica Liang et Cai,2000,but differs from the latter in following features:1)rostrum is shorter;2)carpus and chela of lst and 2nd legs are shorter and thicker;3)carpus of 2nd leg is shorter than merus;4)ultimate segment of 3nd maxilliped is longer than antepenultimate segment;5)the outer-distal angle of endopod of lst maxilliped is round;6)the thorns of appendix masculina are larger and fewer;⑦the shape and structure of endopod of lst male pleopod and appendix masculina are different.
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